Thursday, February 9, 2012

Last day of cleaning.

Today we finished up with group camp cleaning. We didn’t have all that much left to do today so we only worked part of the day. The next thing we have to do this week is turn the breaker on in the dining hall on Friday morning. There is a group of 80 people coming in Friday afternoon for the weekend.

Our fellow work camper Dick left early this morning to pick up his new RV. He and his little dog Willie have lived in a little tear drop RV for a few years and will be moving in to a 22 foot travel trailer. Unfortunately for Dick the dealership did not have the correct receiver for his truck so he traveled back to the park and had to wait for the trailer to be delivered. Of course the driver showed up two hours late and after dark. All of us work campers went over to see if we could lend a hand. He and Willie are getting settled in and enjoying their new home.

Tomorrow John will be helping Ranger Ken with a controlled burn in the park. I know he will enjoy that.

Laugh everyday. Happy trails. Stay safe.


  1. What fun for a retired firefighter..a controlled burn...I'll bet secretly John would like to have it get a little out of control so he can man a firehose again..

  2. Wow.. sounds like you guys are really really busy!

    Karen and Steve
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