Sunday, January 31, 2010

Open house next door.

John is working at the mall today from 1 to 9. :(  The temperatures are warmer today and the skies are sunny. It was warm enough for me to go bicycle riding.

There was an open house on the house next door today.  Maybe that will generate some calls on ours. :)  It usually does.

Not much else going on at home except laundry and playing games on the Wii.

Remember to laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Pineapple Honey Chicken Recipe

John at the FD for a 24 hour shift today. :( All I can say about the weather is cold cold and cold! It stayed at freezing and below today. I am ready to thaw out. LOL

John’s verdict on the Pineapple Honey Chicken was a thumbs up. In case someone wants the recipe. Here it is:

Pineapple Honey Chicken
Ingredients :

        • 4 chicken breasts, boneless
        • 1 stick butter
        • garlic salt or powder to taste
        • 1-15 oz. can pineapple chunks
        • 1 C. juice from pineapple
        • 1/4 C. honey
        • 1/3 C. brown sugar
        • 2 tsp. flour

Directions :

  1. Preheat oven to 350°
  2. Flour and brown the chicken in butter.
  3. Remove chicken and add to butter the honey, brown sugar, flour,garlic salt and pineapple juice.
  4. Stir until thickened.
  5. Arrange chicken in baking dish with pineapple chunks and pour sauce on top.
  6. Bake for 45 minutes or until done.

I went to the fire station to bring John some dinner and stayed to play a round of 10 Penny with the guys. Sadly, I came in dead last. Oh well, better luck next time. LOL

Remember to laugh everyday. Happy trails. Stay safe.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Pineapple Honey Chicken

John was supposed to be off today but got called in to work at the mall from 3 to 11. :(  It has been raining on and off all day and the temperatures will drop into the 30s tonight with a chance of snow flurries.   There was reports of some businesses closing in a few Northern Mississippi towns because of ice on the roads. The temperatures are supposed to remain cold tomorrow also.

I tried a new recipe for dinner tonight…… pineapple honey chicken.  It was rather tasty.  I brought John some dinner to the mall so I will see if he liked this recipe when he gets home.  LOL

Remember to laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Office Work at Home

Finally had time to get my haircut after getting off from FD, no mall work. Spent the rest of the day working on the computer, phone, and faxing to get my mom's bank and credit union stuff straightened out. I did get the cradlepoint shipped back today using FedEx, they will ship the new one when they receive the old one. Temps today in the 60's, rain moving in tonight and temps will be dropping. Tomorrows high is 52 with a low of 32 and a slight chance of sleet. Saturdays high is 42.

Stay Safe

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lunch with Friends.

John at the FD for a 24 hour shift today. :( Weather still warm and sunny. Yeah!!!!

I met my former co-workers and friends Kay and Amy for lunch at Alumni House today. We all decided on blue plate lunch specials. The service wasn’t as good as it is normally but the food was good and the conversation lively.

Later on in the afternoon I visited my friend Kay’s dad who is in a nursing home undergoing rehabilitation from aneurysm surgery from which he suffered some serious complications. Kay’s dad, Mr. Stevens, was my former boss when I worked for the City of Jackson many years ago. He was the best boss I ever had. We are praying for his recovery.

After dinner I went over to my sister Annie’s house to look at her Wii Fitness Plus Program. We went through all the exercise screens and she showed me how we she performs them….of course we laughed alot. Somehow it is just funny watching someone doing balancing exercises on a little balance board. It is much harder than it looks.

Remember to laugh everyday. Happy trails. Stay safe.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Connection Problems

We got up around 8:30 this morning and I had a hankerin for blueberry pancakes. Started the griddle and mixed up some pancake mix and added fresh blueberries to the mix, bacon was on the griddle while all the mixing was going on. While we were in Alabama I picked up some cane syrup, it was great on my blueberry pancakes along with the bacon and coffee.
I spent from 11:30 to almost 3, that is 3 1/2 hours on the phone with 3gstore and Cradlepoint techs trying to get our Cradlepoint to work. They are sending a new one, still doesn't work.
Played on the Wii bowling and at 6 went to a Japanese restaurant with Robert and Kelsey for her birthday dinner (we were out of town on her birthday). We had a great time and then came back to the house where the four of us did some Wii bowling, FD tomorrow. Cold weather is heading our way.

Stay Safe

Monday, January 25, 2010

Tiles Repaired

John off today. Yeah!!!! …… and NO RAIN.

The tile man came today to fix all the cracked and broken tiles throughout the house. Poor Fred had to stay in the camper most of the morning. :(

After the tile man left John sprayed down the patio with Clorox to remove mold and grime that might be growing there.

I had to go to the chiropractor to get a much needed adjustment. My neck, shoulder and back were all out of whack. I had a much better attitude when I got back home. LOL

Later after dinner John and I played a few games on the Wii. It can be very entertaining especially when there is not much on television these days. It also gets you off the couch and in motion….a little more exercise than usual. LOL

Remember to laugh everyday. Happy trails. Stay safe.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Saints to the Super Bowl.

John at the FD for a 24 hour shift today. :(  Nice warm weather today with no rain.  Yeah!!!!! 

The realtor showed the house this afternoon but we have not heard back from him.  The tile man is coming tomorrow morning to fix some cracked and broken floor tiles throughout the house.

I cooked chicken pot pie for dinner and took it to the fire station. Yes, John is very spoiled. LOL  They were all watching the Saints vs. Viking game.  The Saints are the closest pro ball team to MS so most Mississippians claim the Saints as their team.  Looks like they will be going to the super bowl.  It will be the first time this has ever happened.  History in the making.

Remember to laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Slept in late this morning as John and I stayed up late last night playing games on Wii.  The weather turned out nice today so John went to the driving range to hit a few golf balls.

I caught up on laundry and other household chores.  How much fun can a person have? LOL

After dinner John and I played several games on the Wii again and then before long it was bedtime. 

A realtor called tonight and she will be showing the house tomorrow.  I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Remember to laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe.

Friday, January 22, 2010

The Game of 10 Penny

We've had some emails about 10 penny, this is the fire station version of 10 Penny

It is played with 3 decks of cards including the jokers and 10 pennies (or whatever you would like to use) for each player to buy cards. Shuffle all the cards and deal out 10 cards face down to each player. Turn the top card on the deck face up.

The first player is after the dealer (clockwise). The first player has the option of buying the face up card using a penny and gets the face up card and 3 face down cards. Be warned that once your pennies are gone you can no longer buy cards, each round gets harder. If the first person does not want the card it goes to the next person (continuing clockwise) until it gets back to the dealer. If nobody purchases the card then the first person will draw 2 cards. If someone buys the card other then the first person, this is called buying out of turn and they get the face up card along with the next 2 down cards (cannot lay anything down until their turn) then the first person starts by drawing 2 cards. From this point, only the card that was discarded can be purchased.

Each round is played out until someone gets rid of all the cards in their hand. After satisfying the round hand, cards are then removed from your hand by laying down sets of 3 or by playing on other players cards that are down on the table. Cards that are laid down on the table from your hand are turned face up so each player will be able to play on them once they have satisfied the round hand.

Card Points

3-9=5 points

10, Jacks, Queens and Kings=10 points

2 and Aces=20 points

Jokers=50 points

Round Hands

R1 Two sets of 3 cards with 2’s being wild

R2 One set of 4 cards with 2’s being wild

R3 Two sets of 4 cards with 2’s and jokers being wild

R4 One set of 5 cards with 2’s and jokers being wild

R5 Two sets of 5 cards with 2’s, aces and jokers being wild

R6 One set of 6 cards with 2’s, aces and jokers being wild

R7 One set of 7 cards with 2’s, aces and jokers being wild

Once you have drawn and have your round hand you can lay them down on or hold them, just remember if someone goes out before it gets back to you it will cost you points. Highest score loses after R7. Redistribute 10 pennies to play again.

NOTE: FYI, Pennies are not won in this game.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Warm weather and 10 Penny

Woke up to warm sunny weather today. Short sleeve weather. Yeah!!! What an improvement over yesterday’s storms.  John at the FD for a 24 hour shift today. :(

Dawg cooked chili for dinner at the FD tonight.  Thanks Dawg for a tasty dinner.  After dinner I stayed to play a round of 10 Penny with the guys. 

On my way home I stopped off to see Bob and Marcy and we played a round of 10 Penny.  Caution 10 Penny can be habit forming! LOL 

Remember to laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Today was our last day at Foscue Creek Campground in Demopolis, Alabama.  The weather started out sunny and warm but quickly turned dark as the storm front started to move in.  We ate a quick lunch and packed up everything and pulled out just as the rain started.  It rained on and off all the way home.  Fortunately, we made it home and John got the camper parked just before the bad storms started in our area.  It is still raining, thundering and lightening outside and there are tornado watches until 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning.

We heard our friends Joe and Sherri were parked in an area in Texas where a tornado went thru and received some damage to their rig.  Thank God they are ok.  

Remember to laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Kelsey

Today is our wonderful daughter-in-law Kelsey’s birthday.  Happy Birthday Kelsey.

John and I drove over to Thomasville, Alabama this morning for our massage appointments at a place called Finding Balance.  It was about an hour and a half drive but so worth it.  If you are ever in the area give this place a try…..great customer service.

We arrived back at the campground around 2:30 and had a late lunch that consisted of leftovers.  The weather was so nice today it would have been a shame to waste it so John, Fred and I took a long walk through the park.

Supper time arrive and being tired of leftovers, we decided to go  back the The Farmhouse Restaurant.  This time we both chose the buffet.  There were plenty of foods to chose from as well as a soup and salad bar and desserts.  We returned  back to the camper in time to watch American Idol.   It sure is entertaining watching these people. 

Remember to laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Here comes the sun.

Today started out very foggy and damp but by mid morning the sun came out and turned it into a nice day.  Dawg and his family came over a little after 9:00 and John fixed pancakes and bacon for everyone. 

Later on, after playing a round of 10 Penny and then taking a walk around the park it was time for lunch. John grilled brats and hot dogs and the weather was so nice that we all ate outside for a change.  Got to grab that sunshine when you can!

Around 3:15 Dawg and his family headed home as they had other obligations tomorrow and could not stay. 

John and I heated up leftovers for dinner and chilled out in front of the TV for a while.

Remember to laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Overcast skies and grilled burgers.

Woke up to a damp day with overcast skies and temperatures in the 50s this morning.  Dawg and his family came over and John fixed biscuits, turkey sausage and eggs for breakfast. 

Not much going on today.  We played lots of rounds of 10 penny.  Dawg and his family made a Wal-Mart run today for a few grocery items and medicine for his daughter Hallie who had suffered through the night with a bad earache.

Later John grilled burgers for supper.  Afterwards it was more rounds of 10 Penny.

Remember to laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Rainy with warmer temperatures.

We slept in until almost 8:00 a.m. this morning.  I took Fred on a  walk and when I returned John had started a pancake breakfast.  Around 9:00 a.m. our friend Dawg and his family came over to join us.  After breakfast we  played a few rounds of 10 Penny.

Around noon John and Dawg made a Wal-mart run for groceries for the rest of the weekend.  Upon their return we reheated the BBQ pork and had sandwiches for lunch.  We proceeded to play another few rounds of 10 penny until it was time to start dinner.  I started the fixings for Creole Red Beans and with John’s help finished in time to play more 10 Penny.  Not much else we could do since it rained on and off all day long.  It was wet but the temperatures were quite a bit warmer.

Remember to laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Back Nine and Dawg

Slept til 10, turkey sausage and eggs with toast for breakfast. Then I went and played the back nine holes on the golf course I played yesterday, shot a little better today. Bridget and Fred went walking while I was gone. Ran Fred by the vet and a Wal Mart run. Dawg and family made it in about 7:30, got them fed then played 10 penny until 11:30. Called it a night.

Stay Safe

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Water, Golf and a Movie

Woke up to no water at 7, forgot that when the temp goes down below freezing to unhook the hose. Done for tonight after filling the fresh water tank. Tonight is our last below freeze for the time we are here. Water back at 9 after it warmed up some. Watched TV and read blogs, before lunch we took a 1.5 mile walk through the park. Got back and had sandwiches, chips and an apple. After lunch I headed to the local golf course and played 9 holes. I need golf lessons is all I will say. When I got home Bridget and I drove back into town to Wal Mart for some groceries and other items. Menu for supper was chicken, brown rice and carrots. We then watched "The Cowboy Way". Dawg and his family will be here tomorrow afternoon.

Stay Safe

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Doctors, Microwaves and Roadtrip

This morning was our FD stress test which is done annually at the station by Greenville Fitness out of South Carolina. While I was there Bridget was at her doctors appointment having her blood levels checked for thyroid and cholesterol. I left the FD and picked up Dawg (Nathan), he did his testing this morning also as we will be camping this weekend in Alabama. He had to drop off his truck for leather repairs. I took him over to where his dad works for a ride home. After Bridget finished her doctors appointment she went to Sears to pick up the microwave I ordered back in December. We both got home about the same time and finished loading the trailer. Got hooked up and on the road we went. We left about 11 and after 1 rest area stop pulled into Foscue Creek COE park in Demopolis, AL just after 2. Got the trailer and Directv satellite set up then we rode into town to look around. While there we decided to have dinner at a local joint. Now back at the trailer relaxing.

Stay Safe

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Lunch with John.

John at the FD for a 24 hour shift today. :(  The cold temperatures are stilling hanging around and some surrounding areas are having boil water notices because of busted pipes.  Luckily the water supply for Madison has not been affected by this.

I met  John at Pan Asia for lunch today.  We received a coupon in the mail for $20.00 off  and decided today was a good day to use it.  John and I both ordered the Pineapple Tai Fried Rice, he added chicken to his and I added shrimp to mine.  The food was seasoned well and very filling.

After lunch I went shopping to pick up a few last minute items before leaving for our camping trip tomorrow. Yeah!!!!  We are going to Alabama for eight days……JUST CAN’T WAIT TO GET BACK ON THE ROAD AGAIN!!!!

By the time I returned home it was time to fix dinner.  I like to try new things when cooking and one day I came up with what I call Chicken Enchilada Casserole.  So the menu tonight was Chicken Enchilada Casserole with a side of green beans.  Since John and I are trying to eat healthier these days I used some ingredients with lower fat ……surprisingly enough it still tasted good.  After dinner I stayed and played a round of 10 penny with John and a few of the guys then it was back home to watch American Idol and finish getting things together for the trip.

Remember to laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Cilantro Lime Chicken

John off today. Yeah!!!!  We slept in…..9:00 a.m.  WOW …that is late for us. 

After lunch the temperatures rose to the mid 40s so we decided to go for a walk.  It was nice to get out and enjoy walking without the shivering cold.  Even Fred the beagle was glad to get out.

The rest of the afternoon we just chilled out watching TV, playing bejeweled and reading blogs.  Soon it was time for me to cook dinner.  I tried out a new recipe called Cilantro Lime Chicken breasts. The chicken was marinated in lime juice, olive oil, minced garlic and cilantro.   Since we are trying to eat more healthy meals I prepared some whole grain pasta with peppers, mushrooms and purple onions along with some steamed broccoli to eat with the chicken.  It was very tasty. 

Remember to laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Water leak at the mall.

John at the mall today from 1 to 9. :( A real cold day to be outside!! I made a grocery run to Kroger and came right back home. I could definitely hibernate during this weather. LOL

No news from the realtor about the house showing from yesterday. Oh well, maybe next time.

I cooked spaghetti squash with shrimp scampi for dinner then texted John to see if he was ready to eat. A few minutes later he texted back and said he was working on a water leak at the mall and would eat when he got home.

Remember to laugh everyday. Happy trails. Stay safe.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

House showing today.

John at the FD today for a 24 hour shift. :(  The weather continues to remain very cold.  It is 6:30 p.m 24 degrees and will be falling into the teens tonight.  Tired of this cold stuff. LOL

A realtor showed the house today but we have not heard anything back from her.  Our realtor called me today and said he would follow up with the other realtor to see what the response was.  Oh well, we are still playing the hurry up and wait game. LOL

Remember to laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe.

Friday, January 8, 2010

House showing tomorrow.

John off today. Yeah!!! It is very cold here.  John and I met my friends and former co-workers Kay and Amy at Alumni House for lunch. Kay chose the gumbo with a Caesar salad.  Amy and I chose the blackened chicken salad and John order a plate lunch.  We enjoyed lively conversation during lunch. 

I received a call from a realtor tonight who has asked to show our house at 1:00 p.m. tomorrow.  I am keeping my fingers, toes and maybe my eyes crossed.  LOL

Right now the temperature is 21 degrees outside.  BRRRRRR  Too cold for me.  There is a report of snow in Gluckstadt which is about five miles from here.   I looked out the window a few minutes ago but I did not see any. 

Remember to laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Beans, Cornbread and Cold Weather.

John off today. Yeah!!!  We stayed in all day …..too cold to get out in this mess.   John cooked a pot of navy beans and later some cornbread to go with it.  It was a yummy supper.

The temperatures are supposed to fall into the teens tonight.  This is the coldest January we have had in a very long time.  We did not get the snow that was forecasted for today but we did get the colder temperatures.  Hopefully the rain will hold off and there won’t be any iced over streets.

Remember to laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Still cold weather.

John at the FD for a 24 hour shift today.  The weather is still cold here.  I made a Wal-mart run for groceries today and the store was packed.  The shelves were beginning to look bare.  That usually happens in Mississippi when they mention possible snow or ice in the forecast.  I guess they fear getting snowed in. LOL

I brought John some supper to the FD and stayed to play a round of 10 Penny with the guys.  I think I came in next to last.  There were seven of us playing so each round ended quick.

Remember to laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It’s Complicated

John worked half a day at the mall today.   The temperatures are still cold here…..the high today was 37.  Tonight it is forecasted to be 18 degrees.

I worked out in my new Shape-up shoes today…they really kicked my butt.  LOL  I bet I will be real sore tomorrow.

After lunch we went to the movies to see “It’s Complicated”.  I found it to be very funny at times so much so that I laughed out loud.  I would recommend seeing it although men will probably view it as a chic flick.

Remember to laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Light snow and Shape-up Shoes.

John off today. Yeah!!!! The day started off in the upper 20's. The weatherman had forecasted a high of 35 but it never got there. It was 30 degrees with light snow on and off most of the day. We are supposed to get more snow Thursday of this week. Right now it is a very low 24 degrees and is supposed to fall to 18. Pretty cold for our area.

John went to breakfast at Cracker Barrel with six other C-Shift guys this morning. I am sure they had a good time as usual.

After lunch John and I went to Kohl’s to if see they had any men’s Shape-up shoes. We had to go to three stores before we found some in his size. I wore mine all day yesterday and when I woke up this morning I felt like I had worked out at the gym. They are comfortable shoes that work your muscles. I plan to work out in them tomorrow. I can’t wait to see what I will feel like then. LOL

Remember to laugh everyday. Happy trails. Stay safe.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Shopping with my sister.

John at the FD for a 24 hour shift today. :( The weather is cold here. The low for tonight if forecasted to be 24 degrees. Uck!!

My sister came over this morning and we decided to go out to lunch and shopping. We had lunch at Zaxby’s then drove over to Kohl’s to check out their sales. I purchased a pair of Shape-up fitness shoes while there. As soon as I got back to the truck I decided to put them on and ended up wearing them for the rest of the day. They are very comfortable. My legs already feel a little sore. I will see what else it does. One good thing….it adds about an inch to my height. LOL I need all the help I can get.

After shopping we returned to my sister’s house and decided to watch the movie “The Ugly Truth”. She had purchased it last week and even though I had already seen it I stayed to watch it again.

Later on I stopped by the fire station to visit with John. He and some of the guys were playing 10 penny and were having a good time.

I received a call from Bob and Marcy asking if I wanted to come over and play 10 penny so I went over there and played a couple of rounds. Now here I sit at home with Fred the beagle chilling out listening to soft music playing and checking my emails.

Remember to laugh everyday. Happy trails. Stay safe.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Greetings from friends.

John scheduled to work at the mall today 3-11. He made a Wal-mart run then went and filled the propane tanks for the RV.

It has been in the 30s and 40s today. Tomorrow the high will be 40 with a low of 24. Too cold for my blood. LOL

We received a call from our friends Joe and Sherri today. They are back at Lake Tawakoni in Wills Point, Texas and are staying in space #50. This is the space we were in when we met up with Joe, Sherri, Mike and Leslie back in October. Wish we were there with them now. We sure miss our friends. Hopefully we will be able to see them real soon.

Remember to laugh everyday. Happy trails. Stay safe.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Lunch with Robert

Our son Robert came over for New Year’s lunch today.  We enjoyed our visit with him.  Unfortunately, our daughter in-law Kelsey had to work so we missed seeing her.  Our menu included black-eyed peas, stir fried cabbage and onions, beef roast, creamed potatoes and cornbread.   The Southern tradition is that you must eat black-eyed peas for luck and greens such as cabbage, mustard greens or turnip greens for prosperity in the new year.  Now I am not superstitious but I eat it anyway. LOL

John was on call to check on the mall today so he made three trips over there to check on it.  At least he was able to be home most of the day. Yeah!!!!  He actually got in a long nap today.

Temperatures are in the 30s tonight and will be colder tomorrow night, possibly in the 20s.  That is really cold for us.

Hope everyone had a great New Year’s Day.

Remember to laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe.