Saturday, October 31, 2009

Wal-Mart and Halloween

John started his day waiting on the Direct TV man.  We were having problems with the dish for the camper so he replaced it.  I slept until 9:00 a.m. and John cooked waffles.  I think I got the better end of the deal this morning. LOL 

I made a Wal-Mart run today for groceries as the cupboards were bare and I do believe everybody and their cousin was in the store.  It was a mad house trying to get in and out of there.  I guess everyone waited until the last minute to get the Halloween stuff.

John worked at the mall 3-11 today so I went over to Mom and Dad’s to play 10 Penny.  Dad beat us both games.  He is getting his practice in before Joe comes back. LOL

I had one large group of trick or treaters tonight.  Still have a lot of candy left.  Need to get it out of the house.

Laugh everyday.  Happy Trails.  Stay Safe.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Rain, Rain Please Get Out of Here

John off at 8:00 a.m. from FD today.  Yeah!  He finally got his hair cut.  I think they almost scalped him. LOL  He also took the truck for a estimate on the truck bed damage and went to the insurance office to get the insurance cancelled on the van he sold back in September.  While he was in the office our agent asked him if I would be interested in a part time job.  I will call him on Monday but I don’t want anything that will get in the way of our travel. 

I met with my former TSC co-workers at a local Mexican restaurant for lunch.  As I pulled into the parking lot a storm moved thru here changing the temperature from 80 degrees to 62 in a matter of 20 minutes.  It has rained so much that the officials may cancel the Golf Classic that is scheduled for this week.  (For some reason it rains during the golf classic every year) The rain is supposed to be out of here tomorrow…..we can only hope!  Oh well,  once the rain finally stops I will be unloading some things from the camper to the house.

Laugh everyday.  Happy Trails.  Stay Safe.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Back to Work

John went back to work at the Fire Department today.  I spent the day doing chores around the house.  How much fun can a person have. LOL  I met my sister for dinner and we went out to eat Chinese.  My parents came over later and learned how to play 10 Penny.  My mother beat us all.  Could it be beginners luck? LOL

Sure wish we could be on the road again.

Laugh everyday.  Happy Trails.  Stay Safe

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Back to Mississippi

Started getting the camper ready for the long ride back to Mississippi around 9:00 a.m. John and I walked over to Joe’s to say farewell; Mike was there and Leslie came over a few minutes later. We said our sad goodbyes (Joe even took pictures) and went back over to run the slides in and hook the trailer to the truck. We got away around 11:15 a.m. The ride back was uneventful and we arrived home around 6:00 p.m. After unhooking the camper we drove over to Pizza Inn for some dinner. John is going to bed early tonight as he has to work at the fire department tomorrow. I guess I will be cleaning out the camper refrigerator. Oh happy joy joy. LOL

We already miss our friends and hope to see them again down the road real soon. The ladies must have a rematch on 10 Penny as the men beat us on the last game. LOL

Laugh everyday. Happy Trails. Stay Safe

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Last Day at Lake Tawakoni

No rain today! Yea!!!!! Last night Mike, Leslie, John and I had decided if it did not rain today we would go sightseeing and shopping in Rockwall today. Around 11:00 a.m. we loaded up and headed to Rockwall. After dropping off a prescription at Walgreens we drove over to Soulman’s BBQ and Mike bought everyone’s lunch. Thanks Mike. There was a sign on the front of the building as we entered that said, “We are not stingy with our meat.” They really do load you up with meat. Mike and Leslie chose BBQ pork sandwich plates, John chose a rib plate and I opted for BBQ beef sandwich. It was delicious. After finishing lunch we all agreed to go over to Kohl’s to look around. Of course we all bought stuff. Who can go to Kohl’s and not buy something. LOL John ventured over to the kitchen section of the store and found a set of Simply Lite Corning Ware. This stuff is perfect for RV life as it weighs 50% lighter than regular corning ware. John bought a set and so did Leslie. Leslie and I found some items in the clothing section that we just “could not leave in the the store cause the price was so good” as well as finding new purses. Even Mike found a couple of real good bargains. He is now sporting a nice new hat. Leslie and I also purchased three special picture frames that say, “Friends (noun. plural) 1. those cool people with whom you can be yourself, act silly and laugh out loud 2. the people with whom you always have tons of FUN!” We thought it would be cool to take a picture of all of us together and have one of these frames for our campers. We have had such a great time with our RV buddies it is very hard to say goodbye… only if it is just goodbye for now.

Around 4:00 p.m. we decided to head back to the campground to finish getting things ready for dinner. Leslie had cooked a pot roast in the crock pot while we were away and it sure smelled good. John and I headed over to Mike and Leslie’s around 6:00 p.m. with corn and Texas toast to add to the meal. Joe Sherri, and Kris arrived right after us and we all discussed the events of the day. Besides the delicious pot roast that Leslie cooked she also had noodles and salad. Sherri had to work today so we wanted to have the meal ready when she got off so we could all sit back and enjoy our last night with them for a while. After dinner we enjoyed German Chocolate cake, ice cream and key lime pie. Yum Yum. Then it was picture time. Joe set the timer on the camera and jumped into into place just in time to get the snap shot. He is so talented. Go Joe!

Dream Team

Joe, Sherri and Kris left early as she had to get up early to get to work tomorrow so we said our goodbyes to her tonight. It was hard. We will say our goodbyes tomorrow to the rest of our friends. Hopefully we will see them again real soon on the road. Of course we had to stay and play just one more round of 10 Penny with Mike and Leslie. The ladies were doing so well until the second half then the men caught us. We will definitely need a rematch the next time we meet. LOL

Laugh everyday. Happy Trails. Be Safe.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Rain, Dinner and 10 Penny

Woke up to rain, rain and more rain. Sure will be glad to see the sunshine again! Spent all day inside catching up on laundry, watching satellite TV, reading blogs and playing bejeweled on the computer.

Headed over to Mike and Leslie’s for dinner around 5:30 p.m. Leslie served up the yummy left over Bleu Cheese Chicken and rice, carrots and bread. John and I brought over the left over salad and Joe and Sherri brought over a German Chocolate cake and Ice Cream. We all enjoyed the meal and lively conversation. Joe and Sherri left early as Sherri has to work tomorrow.

John and I stayed to play some 10 Penny with Mike and Leslie. The guys won the first round but the ladies mopped the floor on the second round. You just never know how the cards will go. It was fun. Time just flies by when you have fun and by the time we finished playing it was around 12:15 a.m.

Before we left we made plans to go sightseeing tomorrow afternoon. There is no telling what we may get into. I am sure it will be entertaining.

Happy Trails. Stay Safe

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Windows Live Writer

Fred woke me up at 8:06 a.m. for his morning walk and bowl of food.  I stayed up and tried to get a higher score on bejeweled but… such luck.  John decided to get up around 10:00 a.m.   After he ate breakfast he went over to see Joe about using Windows Live Writer to publish our blogs.  This is the program that Joe uses that allows you to write your blog off line and publish it at a later time when you have an internet connection.  Leslie, Sherri and I drove to Wills Point to Brookshires for a few groceries to complete our dinner menu.  I cooked Cajun Red Beans and Rice and prepared a salad (with help from Leslie), Sherri baked a cornbread and Mike prepared Bananas Foster while we looked on patiently waiting for a taste of this delicious dessert. Everything was yummy.  Joe and Sherri left early as Sherri has to work tomorrow so Mike, Leslie, John and I decided to play a couple rounds of 10 Penny.  The ladies won one round and the men won the other.  It was fun and we shared some laughs.  

It has started lightening here and it looks like we may be in for some rain.  Hope it doesn’t rain too long.

Happy Trails.  Stay Safe.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Bleu Cheese Chicken

Fred woke me up around 7:00 a.m. for his morning walk and bowl of food. John rolled out of bed around 9:15 and we slowly started our day. Made a run into town for diesel and, of course, Walmart. We took a stroll around the park so John could get some pictures of this beautiful park. Around 5:30 p.m. we loaded up the Banana Cream Brownie Squares dessert and drinks and headed to Mike and Leslie's for dinner. Joe, Sherri, Sarah and Kris arrived a few minutes later. Mike and Leslie served a delicious dish called Bleu Cheese Chicken with rice, salad and steamed baby carrots. We were able to eat outside until the mosquitoes started coming out then we moved inside to Mike and Leslie's for dessert. After we had all stuffed ourselves it was game time. We chose to have another rematch of 10 Penny hoping the women could beat the men this time. Yes!!!! The ladies were successful. Who knew you would have so much fun with a card came. We had all laughed so hard our sides were hurting and realized it was 12:45 a.m. so we all decided it was time to go home and get some shuteye. Don't know whether it will be a rematch on 10 Penny or Mexican Train tonight but I am sure there will be lots of laughter.

Happy Trails. Stay Safe.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Awnings, Chili Dogs and 10 Penny

Fred woke me up at 7:48 for his morning walk and bowl of food. While I was out I saw Joe from across the park and waved good morning to him and as I was turning around I noticed pieces of our slide awning all down the street. Oh no! That was not good. Our slide awnings are old and we plan to replace them real soon. When we attended the rally in Kerrville a strong storm came through and ripped the already torn awnings so when the heavy winds came through last night it took a few more pieces with it. After taking Fred back inside I walked up down the road picking up pieces of the awning. What a way to start the day.

John got up around 10 as he is still recuperating from cough and congestion since Kerrville. In the afternoon he cut away the bad pieces of the awnings so it wouldn't look so bad.

Sherri and Leslie came by and picked me up and we made a Walmart run for our meals we plan to have this weekend. John, Joe and Mike went to Joe's barn and Joe did laundry.

We all met for dinner at Joe and Sherri's at 5:30. Sherri and Joe had chili dogs with all the fixins. It was yummy. Leslie and Mike brought over a dump cake dessert. It was yummy too.
After dinner we decided to play 10 penny again tonight. We played two rounds and laughed alot. The women did not have as good a night as last night. Oh well, you can't win all the time.
Tomorrow night we might have a rematch of Mexican Train. It might be Joe's lucky night with the dominoes. He is determined to win. Go Joe!!

It is so much fun to have friends on the road to share meals and laughter with. Through RV Dreams we have found some great friends.

Happy Trails. Stay Safe.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

They're Back

Kris and Poppa


Bridget was up at 8 and I got up at 10. Bridget made Dutch Babies for breakfast as we waited for the rain to stop. Today was the day that Joe, Sherri, Mike and Leslie would arrive from Seagoville, TX. This park was booked full as the Boy Scouts had reserved an entire campground loop. I went into town and picked up a C clamp and fixed the broken dish arm, we now have TV, internet is still slow as we are in the middle of nowhere. They arrived around 4:30. Bridget and I threw together some BBQ and beans, chips, salad along with the snacks and food that Sherri and Leslie brought over after they set up, needless to say we all were full. After eating, Joe and Sherri's daughter Jennifer and her husband Frank came by and visited a while. There daughter Sarah would be staying with Joe and Sherri along with Kris. Joe and Sherri brought Kris with them. When they left Joe and Sherri took Kris and Sarah back to there trailer. Mike and Leslie stayed at our place and we played 10 pennies. 10 pennies is a card game played with 3 decks of cards, we played 3 rounds, the girls won 2 rounds and we won 1 round. It was around 11 when we finished. We enjoyed learning the new game 10 pennies, thanks Mike and Leslie.

Stay Safe

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away

It has rained here on and off all day long. This has really slowed down our internet to a creepy crawl. John drove over to Canton and Tyler today to find electronic parts but had no luck. He was also in search of a fruit and vegetable stand. When he returned he had a large bag that contained tomatoes, peas, a purple onion, a jar of candied jalapenos, and a jar of blackberry preserves. I cooked the peas so we could have then for dinner along with left over meatloaf patties and rice. Since the internet service is so slow we ended up watching one of the DVD movies I had packed away in the rig.

The chance of rain tomorrow is around 40%. I sure hope it changes it's mind and leaves. We are looking forward to see our friends Joe, Sherri, Mike and Leslie tomorrow. I know we will find alot to laugh about.

Happy Trails. Stay Safe

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


After breakfast we headed out to the Oak Grove golf course in Terrell, TX. I played 9 holes and shot a 61, the greens were brown and almost like putting on concrete. I did have fun. Bridget went with me and caddied for me. We left there and went back to the trailer for lunch. After lunch we rode over to Tyler to an RV dealership to see if they had satellite receivers, neither dealership did so we came back through Canton and stopped at the Wal-Mart for groceries before heading back. Had supper and are watching TV. Tomorrow we will go in search of a fruit stand for preserves and veggies.

Stay Safe

Monday, October 19, 2009

Check In ... NO...Check Out

Our morning started out rather slow. Fred woke at 7:00 a.m. and wanted his morning walk and bowl of food. I returned to bed and John and I didn't eat breakfast until 9:30. We started to put up things and getting the rig ready and finally pulled out of the park around 11:00. The drive over to The Holiday Villages at Lake Fork was uneventful. After checking in at the front gate we drove around to find a site only to find we really didn't want to stay there. The park was poorly laid out and the sites consisted mostly of grass which, with the amount of rain recently, could mean getting our heavy diesel truck stuck. We quickly drove back to the front gate and checked out. The decision was made to drive on over to Lake Tawakoni State Park in Wills Point, Texas. Joe and Sherri were right.....this is a real nice park.

I fixed meatloaf patties, rice and steamed vegetables for dinner and then we settled in for a quiet evening on our computers.

On a side note, one of my readers last week asked about our EMS (Electrical management system) and I forgot to mention it in my next days post. This is the link to the unit we have. I purchased it from Tweety's and installed it myself.
It is the hard wired version with remote display. It has turned itself off in a few parks. Works great and I recommend you have one for your RV.

Happy Trails. Stay Safe.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Camping World, Walmart and a Movie

The day started out with Fred waking up at 7:55 a.m. wanting to go out for his morning walk and then to get his bowl of food. The dog is really spoiled. LOL John slept until 10:00 and by that time I had finished cooking creamed eggs on toast for breakfast. We piddled after that for most of the morning. Joe and Sherri came by to say farewell .... for now. We might get to meet up with them on the road this week. Yeah!! It will be a good time for a rematch on Mexican Train.

Later in the afternoon John and I made a run to Camping World and Walmart. Wow, what would we do without those two stores. After we finished with our shopping spree we decided to go to the movies and see "Couples Retreat". I am a Vince Vaughn fan but I was a little disappointed with the movie. I was expecting there to be slide splitting laughs but there were none. Just a few parts that made you go haha.

We will be pulling out in the morning and heading to Quitman, TX and will be staying at The Holiday Villages at Lake Fork.

Happy Trials. Stay Safe.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Casinos, Dominoes and Laughter

Joe and Sherri came by and picked us up at 9:00 a.m. to go to the Win Star Casino. It is said to be the fifth largest casino in the world. This place is really something to look at. If you go there be sure to wear walking shoes as it is very very large. We all played the machines a little while then decided it was time to eat. Joe and Sherri treated us to a fantastic lunch at the Casino's buffet. Thank you Joe and Sherri. The food was excellent. If you left this place hungry it was your own fault. We stayed and played the machines a little while longer then headed back to the campground. None of us won big but we sure had a great time. When we arrived back at the campground Joe and Sherri dropped us off at our rig and we agreed to get together later that night for another round of Mexican Train (Dominoes).

John and I arrived at Joe and Sherri's around 6:30 p.m. for the Mexican Train Domino rematch. LOL Joe started out great....he was in first place....then things started to take a turn. Sherri took over the lead....then John and I think I was leading for a very very short time. Between sets of dominoes we talked and laughed about things we thought were funny and ended up laughing until our sides hurt. Good times and good friends. It just doesn't get better than this. Before we knew it midnight was upon us and the domino rematch was over. I think Joe will be wanting a rematch.......he came in last. Oh no.

Joe and Sherri will be leaving today to travel on and we will miss them. Hopefully we will catch up with them on the road again.

Happy Trails. Stay Safe

Friday, October 16, 2009

Reminiscing With Old Friends

John and I drove down to Allen, Texas today to visit with a former co-worker and friend of mine, Debra Chisolm. She treated us to lunch at Dickey's BBQ. Enjoyed good food and conversation. John had the rib lunch with beans and slaw and I chose a BBQ sandwich with a side of beans. We left Allen around 3:30 p.m. so we could get back to the CG and feed Fred before heading off to Denton, Texas to meet our former classmate Carrie Acton Black and her husband Tom for dinner. Traffic was heavy due to a football game being played in Dallas. We finally made it to our destination, Texas Roadhouse. Our classmate and her husband arrived a few minutes behind us and we began reminiscing about old times from high school (30 years ago!!) and forgot all about the poor waiter that wanted to take our order. After coming back to the table for the third time we decided we had better place an order. Everyone ordered steaks. John and Tom chose the baked sweet potatoes and Carrie and I opted for regular baked potatoes. The steaks were perfectly cooked everything was delicious. Carrie brought along her high school year book and we took a trip down memory lane while flipping through the pages. Before we knew it three hours had passed and it was time to leave. It is always good to see old friends again.


Tom and Carrie

Tomorrow we are going to the Win Star Casino with our RV Dreamer buddies Joe and Sherri. Sure hope we win something.

Happy Trails. Stay Safe.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Woke up at 9am with the sound of people talking. It was the maintenance guy changing out the plug. We now have 50 amp service. After breakfast of coffee, bacon, eggs and toast we piddled around on the computer, blogs and bejeweled. After lunch we rode over to see if Joe and Sherri had made it yet, they are here. We chatted a bit then went to Camping World and let Joe and Sherri finish setting up. Made a stop by Walmart on the way back. Bridget is making taters and onions along with chicken from WM, Sherri is bringing veggies and the beer is cold. Joe and I will do our best to take care of it. They should be here any minute.

Stay Safe

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What a Ride

Bridget sitting on the picnic table talking with Carrie Acton Black, an old high school bud.

Our site at Hickory Creek COE looking toward Lake Lewisville

We are at Hickory Creek COE after a 4.5 hour trip from Canyon Lake and the rest of the story. We made one stop for lunch at a rest area. We arrived around 3:30 to what we thought was Hickory Creek but the GPS took us to Lake Lewisville RV park which is run by the City of Lewisville. I asked the lady inside where HC was located and she said she didn't know the address but it was the Swisher Road exit and gave me the direct number to the park. We drove up and exited at Swisher and I called the number, the lady answered and I asked for directions. She said which way are you coming and I told her I35 North exiting on Swisher, "Do I turn right or left". She said which way are you coming from, I said Northbound I35 like I am heading to Oklahoma. When I exit Swisher do I turn right or left. She said did you cross over the bridge? You have to cross over the bridge. By this time I had exited and turned left assuming it was in that direction. I then told her I was on Swisher and did not see any signs for the park and she said, Did you cross over the bridge? I asked if there was anyone else I could talk to and she said no. I told her we would drive around until we found it. I called Speedy but got his voice mail. We drove down Swisher and made some turns thinking it would take us close but ended up being a dead end. This bites when you are towing a 36' trailer. Plugged in the original address and got back to the interstate and headed back to Swisher Road exit and turned right. We crossed over a bridge so we thought we were close and drove down and few miles and found the Little Elm police station and turned in. Walked in and asked where the HC CoE campground was located. Answer: Never heard of it. She looked it up and said I needed to go back over the bridge and it was somewhere off of Swisher and gave me a partial printed map. I had to back out of there too. I entered one of the street names and off we went. It is now 5:30 and we finally arrived, 6.5 hours later. Got set up and turned the air on, no power. Electrical management system showed L1 with 127 volts and L2 with 3 volts and a low voltage code. EMS will not turn on in a low voltage situation to protect the electrical system of the trailer. The campground host was not in so I drove back around to the gate. The maintenance people got off at 4:30 but she reported the problem. Should be repaired in the morning or we will be moved to another site. I am currently hooked up on the 30 amp plug. We left out to Walmart for fuel and groceries but on the way Bridget said she was hungry and so was I so we stopped off at a very good Italian restaurant. We are back at the CG. I am still coughing at night so I haven't had a good night sleep in a while. Changed up my meds at Walmart. Hoping for a good night sleep.

Stay Safe

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Shops, Rocks and Bats

Uncle Michael and Aunt Sylvia invited us over for breakfast this morning. We had a large breakfast of eggs, bacon, grits and biscuits. It was yummy. Over breakfast we decided the site-seeing course for the day. First we visited my cousin Tip Burns' gun shop, Canyon Sporting Arms. He sells and repairs guns and is so busy he has enough work for six months without taking in new business. Our second stop was in a town named Fredericksburg. This is a unique little town with lots of quaint restaurants and specialty shops. My aunt and I visited a shop called Kitchen Laden. They have every kind of cooking gadget you could imagine.....just my kind of place. John and my uncle looked around in an antique store while waiting on Aunt Sylvia and I to finish touring the kitchen store. Boy did they have long wait! Eventually they came into the store to round us up. Our third stop was the Enchanted Rock State Park located right out of Fredericksburg. This is a unique pink granite dome that rises 425 feet above the surrounding countryside. We notice two couples climbing their way to the top while we were there. What a climb that would be. Our fourth stop was in Alamo Springs to view the "Old Tunnel Wildlife Management Area" where it is said at a certain time of night thousands of bats fly from the tunnel to find their dinner. This was an awesome sight. It you are ever in this area it is well worth stopping for.

Tomorrow is a travel day. We will travel on to Hickory Creek COE in Lewisville, Texas where we will meet back up with Joe and Sherri. Yeah!!!!

Happy Trails. Stay Safe

Monday, October 12, 2009

Wine, Burgers and Luckenbach

Got up and waited for the RV repairman to show. He got here around 11:00 a.m. and fixed our slide problem, just sheared a pin, easy fix. We HIGHLY recommend J.R. He was very nice and reasonably priced. We left and rode over to my Uncle Michael and Aunt Sylvia's house to go on a site seeing tour of the Canyon Lake area. Our first stop was at the Sister Creek Winery in Sisterdale, Texas. Tasted several wines and decided on two different kinds. After riding around site seeing on several long back roads we came upon the Alamo Springs Cafe in Alamo Springs and ordered burgers. They were huge and all beef. If you left this place hungry it's your own fault. From here we drove on over to Luckenbach, Texas and walked through the general store/post office and looked at all the old memorabilia. There were several musicians in the back of the store picking guitars and singing. We returned to my aunt and uncle's house had a large bowl of Blue Bell ice cream and sat around talking about old times. John got sleepy eyed and it was time to return to the RV for some shuteye.

More site seeing on the agenda for tomorrow.

Happy Trails, Stay Safe.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Rally Has Ended

Got up early this morning to have breakfast with the RV Dreams bunch. We had biscuits and gravy, eggs, sausage, orange juice and coffee. We had a great breakfast and then it was time to say goodbye...just for all of our camping buddies. We really had a great time at the rally and look forward to the next one. What a great bunch of people the RV Dreams group is. It is hard to say goodbye. They have become like family to us. Thanks Joe, Sherri, Mike and Leslie for all the laughs. We have not laughed that much in a while. We look forward to meeting up with you on the road.

After getting the RV ready to hit the road I noticed something wrong with one of our slides. John looked at it and agreed that YEP....something just ain't right!!! We arrived at our new destination...Canyon Lake Texas around 1:00 p.m. and called the RV repairman. He is supposed to come over tomorrow morning and look a the slide. Sure hope it gets fixed soon.

My Aunt Sylvia and Uncle Michael live six miles from the campground we are staying at so we drove over for a visit. Aunt Sylvia cooked homemade soup and cornbread and invited us to stay for dinner. It was yummy. We had a nice time. Sure wish the rain would leave.

Hope all our RV buddies arrived safely to their destinations today.

Happy trails. Stay safe.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Bridget and I celebrated our 29th wedding anniversary today. Unfortunately I wasn't feeling all that great, I have what they here in Texas call "Cedar Hack" caused by all the cedar pollen in the air. If I am up I don't have a problem but if I lay down, which is how I like to sleep, I start to cough and it last just about all night so I haven't had allot of sleep the last few nights. After the seminars this morning, we had the RV open house. Walking through RV-Dreamers RV's and seeing the modifications they have made for full timing. At 6 was the Western Round Up Square dance dinner. Dinner consisted of 1 1/4 inch cut pork chops, green beans, baked potato, salad, roll and tea. Dessert was chocolate and/or vanilla cake. After dinner the square dancing began. Bridget and I didn't do any dancing but Joe and Sherri tried the "Cotton Eyed Joe". When they got back to the table Joe said he was to old for that. We had a good time tonight. After breakfast tomorrow morning and all the "see ya laters" will be a travel day to Canyon Lake, Texas about 70 miles from here.

Stay Safe

Friday, October 9, 2009

Sick and a Potluck

We left Joe and Sherri's at about 11:30, Connie and Rod, Mike and Leslie, Bridget and I and Joe and Sherri played dominoes on Joe's new domino set, a few adult beverages were served. We got back to the trail and I started the ribs for today's potluck dinner. After I laid down I started coughing and it got worse. No sleep for us and I woke up at 9 this morning very tired. We went to Walmart to get an antibiotic prescription filled along with cough syrup and an antihistamine. The potluck starts at 6 this evening and I am hungry.

Stay Safe

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Seminars started at 9am and ended around 12:30. After lunch I made a trip to where else but Walmart. Howard did a demo with his Sea Eagle boats this afternoon. Chili cook off started at 5:45 then the chili feed was on. All the chili's were great, the winner was "Sandbar Chili" prepared by Rod Shaut. Howard will be adding the recipe to his blog. We are heading over to Joe and Sherri's for dominoes.

Stay Safe

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Registration Day

Rain has finally gone for now. We spent some time at Joe and Sherri's visiting this morning and had lunch at their home, thanks Joe and Sherri. Bridget and I worked the registration desk for a while and at 6pm will be the welcome dinner at the clubhouse.

Stay Safe

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Golf Day (Kerrville, TX)

The day started off in a drizzle and continued through about 8 holes on the golf course. I ended up dropping 20 points off my usual 120 and finished with a 100 on a par 70 course and had a good time. When we got back to the park Bridget sent me to Walmart for a few items, we are about to eat supper, meatloaf, mashed potatoes and green beans. After supper we will head over to Howard and Linda's site, I see folks starting to gather up over there.

Stay Safe

Monday, October 5, 2009

Buckhorn Lake Resort (Kerrville, TX)

Travel day to Kerrville. Left Beaumont about 9am and pulled into Buckhorn Lake about 2:30. Our site has 50amp FHU with cable. RV Dreams Golf tournament is tomorrow morning at 10. I will get to try out my new clubs. We have been talking with some of the early arrivals. Joe and Sherri and Mike and Leslie came over this evening and just now broke up for the evening.

Stay Safe

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Rain (Beaumont, TX)

Well we brought the rain with us apparently. It started raining yesterday about 10 miles before we exited I-10 and has rained off and on, mostly on, the entire time we have been here. We got up about 10am, it has been a long time since we have done that. After breakfast we piddled around, washed dishes and clothes, internet surfing and various inside stuff, still raining at this point. Daniel called and was here about 12:30 and we headed to lunch, he had not eaten yet. We went to La Cantina Mexican restaurant and had lunch a little after 1. Left there and went to Parkdale Mall and walked around, drove through the area, Bridget wanted to see some of the area (Bridget was born in Beaumont a long time ago). Also went to Best Buy and looked around. Daniel had to get back home and left around 4. Walmart trip for us around 7 for groceries. Plan is to leave out for Kerrville around 9am.

Stay Safe

Saturday, October 3, 2009

We are in Texas (Beaumont, TX)

Got off from the FD at 7:40, my early relief forgot. We were on the road by 9 for our 6 hour drive with 2 stops, first stop was Camping World in Hammond, LA and the second stop was for fuel and lunch. This park is level with all concrete sites, FHU 50/30, cable, continental breakfast, pool and laundry facility. I got on Facebook and got a note from Jake from the chat room. He is 19 miles from us and we plan on meeting him later this evening. Bridget's cousin Daniel is heading our way and we are going to the Texas Rice Festival which is where we will meet up with Jake. I did get a nap in this afternoon.

Stay Safe

Friday, October 2, 2009

Dinner with Robert and Kelsey

Truck and trailer are hooked up and ready to go, I am hoping to get off at 7am. This should put us on the road just after the rush hour as I have a few things left to do when I get home. Bridget and I are going to eat out tonight with Robert and Kelsey at a local Japanese restaurant, looking forward to that. Hope to be in Beaumont, TX by 3pm. We will leave Beaumont Monday morning heading to Kerrville.

Stay Safe

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Winding On Down

Last 48 hr shift before vacation. Saturday morning we are off, TEXAS bound. Not a whole lot going on, run wise we are at 1,723 for the year so far.

Stay Safe