Thursday, July 31, 2008

No Day Off

Got off from the fire station, got home called dishwasher service repair they said sometime after 12, so I headed down to the trucking company to pickup the RV Combo washer dryer. Back at the house and then to lunch with Bridget, Chinese food at a local restaurant, job #2 calls, had someone call in sick can you work 3p-9p, I said yes so I just got home. Off to chat I go, maybe there will be someone there.

Stay Safe

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Finally the Weekend

Hooray, it's the weeke...., wait a minute it's only Wednesday, what the ..., this week is dragging, must be the lloonnngggg days. This has been a long week with the hours I've put in, I am off tomorrow with a list of stuff to do. So much for being off. Bridget is coming by the station tonight for dinner, one of the firefighters is making crawfish bisque which is excellent. Nothing exciting today. One of my captains wife, MIL, and 2 kids were in an accident in Georgia, he left out last night. They just had an overnight stay for observations, nothing serious is the reports we got. That's about it for today.

Stay Safe

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Longer Day

Today Job #2 schedule was 7a-3p but ended up 7a-9:15p which makes for a longer day (14.25 hr day). Busy outside in the heat today, boy will I be happy when fall gets here. Got a shower when I got home and posting from my recliner, heading to chat if anyone is still there.

Stay Safe

Monday, July 28, 2008

Long Day

Left job #1 heading to job #2, worked 8a-3p, cleaned out the pump filters for the decorative ponds in front of the mall. also cleaned out a service area as well as the mall offices, cleaned windows, swept and mopped the first and second level floors. Had lunch with Bridget, meatloaf, potato salad, corn on the cob. Home at 3:15p, took the dishwasher out to the Suite Ram, remounted the control panel, measured for the washer/dryer combo, should ship today. Scheduled the S&B dishwasher repair for Thursday, off on that day. Bridget and I took the Ram down to fill up (4.56 a gallon), them took a pork tenderloin over to a coworker and good friend of ours who was diagnosed with breast cancer the first week of July, she started her 1 year+ treatments last week. Please keep her in your prayers. It's 8p and just getting home. Have to work job #2 tomorrow so will have to get up at 6a. See you in chat.

Stay Safe

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Race Day

Speedy Racing
Up at 6:30 for job #1, usual morning routine which includes daily meds for high cholesterol. I had to do my station laundry as well as a performance evaluation, blog reading then relax and wait for the race. My driver Jimmie Johnson, not to be confused with Jenny Johnson, won the race. Leftover New York strip, green beans, and rice pilaf for supper.

See you in chat.

Stay Safe

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Up At Six

Well we both had to work today, we were up at 6am, morning routine, breakfast, ready, set, and out the door we go, 7a-3p for me, 7a-3:30p for Bridget. Normal day at job #2 plus watering plants, that crew was sick. We had lunch at Bridget's office, they have a kitchen, Speedy's favorite, hot dogs, also had chips and a drink. Made it home only to find out the master key had fallen off the key chain for our cart we drive so back to job #2, luckily not to work but drop the key off. Back at the house in my recliner, Bridget stopped off at the store for groceries, should be home shortly. Will be in chat tonight.

Stay Safe

Friday, July 25, 2008

Busy Day Today

Got off from job #1 at 8am and headed to job #2, ended up pressure washing sidewalks in front of 3 stores before lunch. Picked Bridget up at noon and we went to our local plate lunch hang out. Today was catfish, FF, hush puppies, slaw, cherry cheesecake and tea, Bridget ordered salad instead of slaw. Dropped her back off at work and ended up cleaning out 3 service areas before getting off at 3pm. When I got home our neighbors had cut their yards so before it started raining I cut ours as well. After getting cleaned up I retired to my recliner which is were this is being written. Bridget gets off at 5pm and is usually home by 5:15. Heading to chat this evening.

Stay Safe

Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Late Start

Well I'm getting a late start on todays blog, been a slow day at the fire station, which as Speedy says is a good thing. Speaking of Speedy, been emailing to try help him with his water heater problem, not a big problem just the element but his element is in the back of the heater. That will give him a fun project this week. Job #2 (8a-3p) is tomorrow, it has been hot here in the upper 90's and low 100's which makes outdoor work tough. That's it for now.

Stay Safe

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What Do You Think

On the 17th I mentioned I needed to change out the water heater anode rod, what do you think, I think it is original to the water heater, anyway that project is done and I also had to change out the city water inlet valve, less than a 10 minute project for both. It was a hot day at job #2 (8a-3p), I'm actually kind of tired, the sun and heat just takes it out of me nowadays. Just relaxing now, chat tonight.

Stay Safe

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Internet Down

On the back side of a double shift, internet has been down all day. No major calls just the usual EMS calls. Been a quiet shift so far, rain and thunderstorms are moving in right now. Head out to job #2 at 8am. See you in chat.

Stay Safe

Monday, July 21, 2008

Starting a Double

Usual morning routine, at job #1 by 7:15. Working a double shift, will get off Wednesday at 8am and go to job #2. Been quiet at the station, just a few EMS calls. Not a whole lot to write about today, see you in chat.

Stay Safe

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Slept In

Usually up by 7am on Sunday but not today, rolled out of bed at 8:30 and made waffles, bacon and coffee. Read blogs and other internet stuff then headed off to job #2. Sunday shift is 11a-7p, nothing exciting, well we did have an elderly lady fall, no major injuries just scraps and bruises. At home now and heading to the chat room.

Stay Safe

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Visit with Mom

Well my 7am relief showed up at 8am which put us at my sisters at noon, just in time for lunch. Mom, Aunt Martha, Mary (sis), niece Stephanie, Bridget and myself headed out for Kyoto's Japanese steak house, for future reference is not open for lunch on Saturdays. Ended up at a Mexican restaurant which was good, I like Kyoto's more, oh well, can't have everything. After lunch we went back to my sisters, sat in the recliners, talked and watched tv, actually they watched tv, I watched the back of my eyelids for light leaks, none found. After I woke up we had ice cream, I love ice cream. We then said goodbyes and started on our 3 hour trip home. Bridget has had a pain in her neck, and no speedy it's not me, for a few days so after muscle relaxers she had a 3 hour nap, woke up 14 miles from the house. About to get on chat, so for now that is all.

Stay Safe

Friday, July 18, 2008

Job #1

Started with the normal routine, at work by 7:30. Today was the last day for Fire Academy For Kids, a week long safety program put on by our public fire safety educator, Assistant Chief Carter Hill. He does an excellent job with the kids teaching them fire safety and basic first aid. It has been a long day. You can check out the city's website at

Tomorrow Bridget and I will be going to my sister's house in Byhalia, MS to visit her and my mother and aunt. My mom and her twin sister live with my sister. In the early 1990's my mom and dad started fulltiming in a class A. In 1995, my mom's twin sisters husband pasted away and she joined them. The 3 of them had a blast together traveling the country. Illness brought them to a travel end in 2005. My father passed away in 2006 from cancer at the age of 76. They were 5 days apart in age, dad Febuary 22, mom and aunt Martha Febuary 27. Mom has alzheimers and takes medication that seems to have it in check, she has good days and bad days, mostly good ones.

That's it for now,

Stay Safe

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Normal Busy Day

Started today off with the normal routine of get ready for work, coffee, breakfast then out the door to job #2. Job #1 is the fire department, job #2 is facility maintenance at a local mall. I work a 24 hour on shift (8a-8a) and 48 hour off on job #1. My days off from the FD are spent on job#2 or with Bridget. Normal day at job #2 (7a-3p), got home and flushed the RV 12 gallon water heater. Have to get an anode rod for the water heater. After that I went and got a haircut, back at the house waiting on Bridget, she tells me if she is cooking or if I am taking her out to eat.

Title of Travels of John and Bridget will make more sense after I retire, but for now it will do.

Stay Safe

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

RV Dreams 2008 Rally, Branson, MO

The fine folks in the RV-Dreams chat room have sent me to this site so Bridget and I can start blogging. We had a great time at the RV-Dreams Rally in Branson, MO back in June. Hugs and a great big THANK YOU to Howard and Linda Payne for having this rally for the fulltimer wannabees. We are in the process of setting up to full time sometime in 2009, will know date in January 2009 after visiting with PERS to set up retirement date. If you are thinking about RVing visit for an unbelievable amount of information.