Saturday, November 3, 2012

Shopping for Ava’s birthday.


John at the mall from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.  A long day.  The mall is very busy and will continue to get busier as the holidays grow near.  The decorations are already up. 

Tonight I had dinner with my sister at her house.  We had a good time watching a movie and catching up on things.


John at the mall 3:00 to 8:00 today.   Mom, Annie and I went shopping.  Ava’s 1st birthday is coming up on November 10th so we wanted to get her a few things. LOL   I got her an outfit and of course a couple of toys.


We saw this VW bug in the mall parking lot.  Thought the eyelashes were cute. LOL

Tonight was card night at Mom and Dad’s.  When John got off a the mall he met me there for a round of golf.  I actually won the game with a score of 10. 


Dad after flipping over one of his cards.  Unfortunately it was a joker.   Mom was the lucky recipient of that card.  LOL



Oops….he flipped a King.   (sorry the picture is blurry)

John is scheduled to be off tomorrow. Yeah!

Laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe.

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  1. First birthday's are so special. I hope you have a wonderful time with your little granddaughter.