Saturday, December 29, 2012

Fred home from the vet.

Fred is home from his trip to the vet.  He had a bad tooth removed, a growth on his ear removed and a large growth on his paw removed where the toe nail had been pulled out when he jumped from the Freightliner last year.  The growth showed up in late October but started growing in November so the vet thought it best to remove it.  He sent it off for biopsy so we hope it is ok.

Fred is happy to be home and laying around on all his favorite spots.  Although, he doesn’t like the bandage on his foot too much.  Poor doggie.


Trying to find that comfortable spot.



He looks like he is thinking, “Something is wrong here.” LOL


After lying around on the couch for a little while he decided to go upstairs to the bed.

Laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe.


  1. Poor Fred. I'm sure he'll be feeling better soon with such good puppy parents.

  2. Sherri is still in bed sick...she is headed to the doctor I am just weathering this crap. It is all in my chest now so maybe I will see the last of it??

  3. Glad Fred is OK, our beagle would have never kept that bandage on, good boy Fred!

  4. Give Fred a big wet kiss for me. I have been darn sick with head and chest stuff, now Den is getting it...Hope you are feeling better..This stuff is just NASTY!