Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Broke down on I-15.

We were on our way this morning on I-15 from Las Vegas making our way to Hurricane, UT when the temperature light and alarm came on.  Not good, especially when the temperature outside is triple digits.  It was one of those “oh no” moments.


John checking things out.


This is never a good sign.

After checking things out John found that the fan clutch was the problem.  He unhooked the car and Fred and I drove to the next exit and called John back to let him know how far it was.  Once the truck had cooled down he proceeded to the next exit to meet up with us.  Luckily there was a campground nearby and we were able to get a spot while John checked on parts for the truck. We are staying at Chief Sleep Easy RV park in Beaver Dam, AZ.   A nice little campground with an off leash dog park.  Fred likes that. 

John found a truck shop in Mesquite, NV that was only 10 miles down the road.  The part has been ordered and will be here tomorrow morning so we will be getting up early and taking it to be repaired.  Hopefully, we will be on our way to Hurricane, UT tomorrow afternoon.

Later on, after a trip to Wal-mart, Fred enjoyed playing in the dog park.  We didn’t stay outside long because it was over 100 degrees.


Our site.



Fred playing with his ball at the dog park.




Laugh everyday.  Happy trails. Stay safe.


  1. I'm so glad you were close to help. It's a long way from anything out that way.

  2. Sounds like you have things handled but if there is anything I can do from here (Indiana) let me know.


  3. Hope it's a quick 'n easy fix! Enjoy Hurricane! Wonderful place...except for Barrista's! :) Hugs!

  4. Looks like you found a nice little RV park while repairs are accomplished. Fred looks like he's having fun.

  5. didn't see the update on repairs and such...no posts for days!!! How is everything going out West??

  6. We are in Hurricane, UT a bad internet area. We have been trying to get the posts (2) to down load. No luck yet, moving tomorrow to Delta, UT. Updates on Facebook.