Sunday, December 7, 2014

Motorhome goes to repair shop.

December 1st John took the motorhome to the repair shop.  We were told it may take one and a half to two weeks to complete all the repairs.  Bob and Marcy have been kind enough to take us in during this time, along with Fred.   Fred seems to be adjusting well.  

I have had a foot problem for a while and wouldn't you know it become worse since I started working at Williams Sonoma.  The pain was so bad I ended up going to one of the local MEA clinics and the doctor prescibed pain meds and gave me an anti-inflammatory shot.  He also scheduled an appointment for me to see a foot specialst on December 4th.  After additional X-rays and another examination I was told I have MTP Synovitis (Metatarsophalangeal Synovitis) which is a sharp or aching pain in the ball of the foot that is most often centered beneath the base of the second toe. In my case the worst pain starts at the third and fourth toes.  The doctor told me to google it and read about it.  I read that the pain is an indication that the bone at the base of the toe, called the proximal phalanx, may be beginning to separate from the long bone of the foot, called the metatarsal.  That sounds ominous to me.  I felt worse about it after reading it. LOL  The doctor prescibed Voltaren Gel four times a day and placed a Metarsal Pad inside my work shoe.  I haven't noticed much of an improvement but it has only been three days.  Of course standing on my feet at work does not help.

On a happier note, we have been enjoying time with the grandbabies. 


Ava showing me her dance moves.

John and Ava having a conversation. 

Yesterday Mom and I took Ava to see the City of Ridgeland's Christmas Parade.  She was so exited and enjoyed getting lots of candy and beads. 

Ava holding her bag of candy, her snowman Olaf and wearing a lei someone at the parade gave her. 

Ava said the fire trucks were too loud.

John and I are both off today so I think we will  just relax for a while. 

Laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe. 


  1. well, I certainly hope this is the end of you guys needing repairs for awhile. . .enough already. . .right?

  2. Your foot pain sounds awful..I agree sometimes reading on the internet makes things worse.. Let's hope you feel some relief soon!
    Miss you both..Enjoy the holidays with the family~

  3. As someone who has had foot problems and foot surgery, if your foot aches, your whole body aches...Maybe that job isn't the best thing right now.

  4. John, Reducing inflammatory carbohydrates - esp the most processed stuff like breads, chips, crackers, corn and corn products - can greatly reduce this kind of pain.... some of my pts actually obtain full relief, but all get SOME relief..... Happy New Year!!!