Thursday, February 19, 2015

Family and Friends.

Eventhough it rained all day Monday we decided to ride over to Beaumont and check out some of the places I lived as a child.  Wow how things have changed.

This is the last house we lived in before moving to Mississippi in 1971.  The front of the house looks totally different.  When I was a child this house looked very large to me.  
This is the last place my dad worked before we moved.  The building is there but the business is closed.

Before heading back to the campground we stopped by my Uncle's Alternator shop to visit with cousin Theresa.  It has been a long time since I have seen her. 
Theresa and me. 

Tuesday morning we headed out to Kerrville.  We caught up with Roger and Barb and met our friend Arlene for lunch. 

John, me, Arlene, Barb and Roger at Hinze BBQ.  It was good to see Arlene and catch up.  The BBQ was very tasty. 

After lunch we continued on to Kerrville.  We reached our destination by late afternoon and contacted friends Mike and Leslie for dinner.  We met at Mamacita's Restaurant and enjoyed some good Mexican food.  We were so engrossed with our conversations that we didn't realize it was almost closing time.  The waitress started picking up the salt and pepper shakers so we decided to go on home. 

Wednesday we drove over to Canyon Lake to visit with Uncle Michael and Aunt Sylvia. They took us to Fredericksburg for some, sightseeing, shopping and lunch at Wheeler's.  Thank you Uncle Michael and Aunt Sylvia for a fun day. 

Aunt Sylvia and Uncle Micheal.

Today was our last day in Kerrville which meant catching up on laundry and getting other household chores done.  John went over to help Roger with some repairs to his motorhome while Barb and I made a grocery run. 

Tonight we all went to Mike and Leslie's for dinner.  It has been almost two years since we have seen them so it was great seeing them again.  Thanks Mike and Leslie for a fantastic dinner. 

John and Mike. 
Barb and Roger.
Me and Leslie. 

Tomorrow we will be pulling out of Kerrville.

Laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe. 

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  1. Gosh seeing Mike and Leslie sure made me want to be there too. We miss getting to see all of our RVing friends. Hopefully soon we will be back out there.