Sunday, September 20, 2015

Mt. Moriah Cemetery, Jambonz and Sweet Tea!

Today was our last day in the Rapid City area.  We visited the Mt. Moriah Cemetery in Deadwood early this afternoon.  We stopped at Wild Bill Hickock's and Calamity Jane's grave site to get some pictures and met this nice lady (Diane) who took our picture for us.   While talking to her I learned she and her husband are now full-time RVers and are from Alabama.   Since the tour is almost all up hill and very steep...which is not very good for my foot, John went on ahead and took pictures and I stayed behind and visited with Diane.  Thanks for taking the picture of us Diane.  We wish her safe travels and, who knows, we might just see her down the road again somewhere.

Here are some of the pictures John took. 

At the rear of the cemetery there is an overlook where you can see Deadwood down below. 

It was close to dinner time when we left the cemetery so we decided to stop in and check out Jambonz Grill and Pub in Sturgis.  Jambonz serves cajun food as well as other Southern entrees.  The good was quite tasty and the service was great. 

They even had sweet tea.
John tried the "pile of dirt" beer.

After looking over the menu we ordered the soul food platter so we could split it.  It was more than enough food. 

John's half: BBQ ribs, slaw, collard greens and half a biscuit.
My half:  Breaded shrimp, mac-n-cheese, fried okra and my half of the biscuit. LOL  I couldn't eat all of mine so I gave my leftovers to John. The fried okra was prepared just like we do it back home.  Very good.

It was still early and we had a little while before the sun set so we drove over to Custer State Park again.  We wanted to checkout the wildlife one more time.  We saw the usual things, burros, prong horn, deer and buffalo.  

This guy was  walking next to the road.

Just before the sun went down we saw a coyote walking around in an open field.  So cool. 

Tomorrow will be a travel day for us.  Our destination will be the Badlands.

Laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe. 

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