Monday, October 5, 2015

A visit with George and Mike.

After a couple days in Linn Valley, KS we were on our way to Branson, MO.  John decided to stop off in Joplin, MO and get the motorhome serviced and I drove on ahead to Treasure Lake Resort to get us a site.   Our favorite spot (where everything works) was already taken....bummer...but there was one across the street from it on the opposite corner.  I placed our site tag on the post, got my lawn chair out and waited for John to arrive.   You know that drew lots of attention.  Several people stopped by to talk.  Finally John pulled in and we were all set.  Except...the satellite would not work from the site.  John moved our Wingard around all over the site but no luck.  We drove though the campground and looked at other sites but they weren't any better.   John called the office the next morning to see when our favorite site was supposed to be vacant.  Lucky for us they were scheduled to leave that day.   When they started to unhook I went to the office and obtained new site tag so we could move.  Now we are on our favorite site and everything works fine.  We will be here 21 days so having everything working is great.

Our site.

Our friends George and Mike from Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge arrived in town for a visit.  Friday morning we met them for breakfast at Starvin Marvin's.  They have a breakfast buffet and the price is right.  We all attended the show SIX that night.  They were awesome as usual.  

George and Mike.

Saturday we spent the day with George and Mike touring Branson and enjoyed a nice lunch at Danna's BBQ & Burgers.  It was yummy.

John was in heaven. 

So glad we got to see Geoge and Mike again.  We wish them safe travels and hope to see them again soon. 

Laugh everyday.   Happy trails.  Stay safe. 

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