Monday, May 16, 2016

Moving on to Wallkill River National Wildlife Refuge

We have enjoyed our time here in Gettysburg, PA.  Tomorrow we will be leaving Gettysburg and moving on to Wallkill National Wildlife Refuge near Sussex, NJ.  As usual it has rained here almost everyday.  This happens every time we visit here.  The last couple of days we have had much cooler temperatures.  This morning it was 45 degrees at 8:00.  I was not liking that. Regardless of the weather, we do like this park and the area.

While in the area we met up with Josh Drexler and his family for dinner.  Josh worked for the Ridgeland Fire Department with John about 15 years ago.  He moved back to this area and works for the Baltimore Fire Department.  Thank you Josh for treating us to a wonderful dinner. 

Josh, Kaleigh, Delilah and Lindsay.

Me, Josh, John and Delilah.
Josh and Delilah.

Lindsay and Delilah.

John and Delilah.

Today we took a road trip to photograph covered bridges.  The countryside is very beautiful here with all the wildflowers in bloom.   Here are a few highlights from today's trip. 

Laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe.

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