Friday, July 8, 2016

Fun with Friends.

Our time here at Wallkill River National Wildlife Refuge has come to an end.  We will be heading out to Essex Junction,VT this weekend to volunteer at the Escapees Rally.  We have enjoyed our time here and will miss everyone.

Last week our friends Barb and Bob Williams stopped in to visit with us for a couple of days.  We had fun playing ladder golf, sequence and, of course, 10 Penny.  Bob hammered us on 10 Penny.  

Bob, Barb and John. 

John giving Gypsy a snack. 

Barb and Gypsy.

Bob and Barb joking around. 

Getting ready to hit the road again. 

Travel safe my friends til we meet again. 

Wednesday of this week our friends Barb and Roger Maxey arrived for a visit. We will be traveling on to the rally together.  Today we all took a road trip to West Point Military Academy and enjoyed a picnic lunch on the grounds. 

Barb, Roger and John.

One of the views from the picnic table....

....and another.

After our picnic we stopped at the Cadet Chapel.  This is such a huge beautiful building. 

Now that is some organ.

Here are a few more highlights of our tour of West Point.

Barb and Roger.
John and me.

The plan was to leave tomorrow for Vermont but the forecast shows rain all day so we will leave on Sunday.   Escapades here we come. 

Laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe. 


  1. I've always wanted to visit West Point. We've seen the Air Force Academy in Colorado. And you'd think being Navy we'd make it to Annapolis.....but not yet

  2. Wonderful photos!! I love it out East!