Wednesday, March 1, 2017


A lot has happened since our last post.  My Mom's cancer returned after 24 years of being cancer free.  The good news was only a one centimeter spot that was non-aggressive and slow growing.  She underwent surgery on January 16th to remove the cancer.  After that surgery, the pathology report showed "feelers" were there and needed to be scraped out.  She underwent a second surgery to remove the "feelers" and all went well.  Today she returned for her check up and is doing well.  She will have to see the oncologist to see if anything further is needed.  

Before leaving Mississippi, we went to our youngest granddaughter Shelby's birthday party. Can't believe she is already three years old. 

Shelby blowing out her candles.

We visited with Mom Hatch before hitting the road.  She is doing well.
Mom Hatch, John and I.

A selfie right before we left. (John, Mom, Dad and me)

We left Mississippi on February 17th, our first stop was Beaumont, Texas.  While in the Beaumont area we were able to visit several of my cousins, aunts and an uncle.

Sherlyon and Cousin Daniel
Me and Cousin Rhonda
Cousin Charlotte and me
Me, Aunt Betty Ann, Cousins Mary and Valerie

Me and Cousin John
 Our second stop was Canyon Lake, TX where my Uncle Michael and Aunt Sylvia live.  We spent a few days visiting and sightseeing with them before moving on to Kerrville, TX.

Uncle Michael and Sassy
John and Uncle Michael

Aunt Sylvia, John and Uncle Michael
Aunt Sylvia, me and Uncle Michael
John, Mike and Leslie
Laugh everyday. Happy trails. Stay safe.


  1. Glad your mom is doing well and being able to be at your grandaughter's 323rd birthday was great. Sounds like your first bit of travel is seeing family and it is great to be able to visit but have your own sleeping space. Safe travels into Arizona.

  2. Glad your mom is doing well.
    Hoping to see you at the Escapade in Tucson.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Good to stay on top of that damn Cancer...Happy your mom is doing good! Enjoy Texas..we do love it there.

  4. Does Mike have a blog? We miss seeing them. Would love to know what their plans are.