Saturday, May 2, 2015

Road trip to Boring.

This morning John and I took a trip to Boring, OR to take the refuge's 4-wheeler to the Polaris repair shop.  It wasn't a long trip, just two and a half hours total.  I know..... we work so hard.

John going over the repair list with the tech.

While we were there I noticed some cool looking rides parked out front. 
Polaris Slingshot.
I sure would like to take one for a spin.  Too bad they are so expensive, plus we don't have anywhere to put one.  

Tomorrow is a work day for me.   I will be at the Wildlife Center in the morning. 

Laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe. 

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  1. I noticed you have your year all planned out! WOW we don't know where we will be tomorrow. We still are not real sure where we will spend next winter but we are working on it. We will be in Vermont next summer for the Escapeds and then we plan on heading to the Pumpkin Patch RV park in Main. After that the plan is to go to NYC and then south to DC to the Smithsonian. We will wing it from there.

    Miss you guys
    Joe Sherri and Kris