Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Go Vote

We both voted today, Bridget went this morning and I went after I got off from the mall at 3pm. This morning the lines were long, Bridget had to wait 40 minutes in line, at 3pm I walked in and was second in line. Be sure you vote today!!

We had a bunch of EMS calls with the last one at 1:30 ish this morning. Then at 2:30am after getting back to sleep we were dispatched to a house fire. We arrived on scene of a 2 story residence with heavy smoke showing from the second floor. The fire was extinguished a short time after arrival. No injuries and the home owner went to stay with friends. We were back in bed by 4 am. Up at 7 and off to the mall by 8am. Normal day cleaning at the mall.

Stay Safe

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