Sunday, May 24, 2009

Will The Rain End

It is still raining and more is expected. We did get a WalMart run in today to refill the cabinets with groceries. Planned on getting into the attic to clean it out but took a nap instead. We have the painter hired, he will start after July 4th and will take about two weeks. He was a FF at Ridgeland FD back when I started and has retired from the fire service. He works by himself and does a very professional job. We will put the house on the market after Ken finishes painting. Waiting for the Coca Cola 600 to start.

Stay Safe

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  1. Now we have to wait till 12:00 Monday for the race. We've been to two races that were rained out. No fun, you get home about 3:00am just in time to go back again about 7:00am to make the noon race. There's a bus that goes on Sunday, but it doesn't run on Monday, so you're out the money for that too. We don't go anymore.