Friday, May 27, 2011

Packing, loading & Giovanni’s Pizza.

John and I drove over to Shannon’s after lunch to see if she needed any help with packing for the move. She was very busy with people picking up furniture that she is not taking with her. She also had a lot of last minute packing to do. Tonight all of us went to Giovanni’s Pizza for dinner. We ate at Giovanni’s the last time we visited and enjoyed it very much. Very tasty pizza.

Also, since last year, John, Shannon and I have lost some weight. Shannon lost 48 pounds, John 23 pounds and me only 11 pounds. We decided to wear the same shirts we wore last year and take an after photo to see what we looked like.


Last year’s picture.


Yesterday’s picture wearing the same shirts.


Here we are waiting on people to pick up furniture. John looks startled. LOL

After the last person left picking up furniture Shannon, Lester, Savannah, John and I went back to our place for the night. We managed to get in a game of Penny. Shannon won with a score of 65. Yeah!! Tomorrow will be a busy day. The U-Haul will be loaded down, lunch with family and Lester’s graduation. One of our blog followers asked about the game of 10 penny. John has added a link on the right hand side. It is listed as "The Game of 10 Penny" under Favorite Links.

Congratulations Lester we are so proud of you.

Laugh everyday. Happy trails. Stay safe.

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  1. Glad he put a link up for that game. He sent me a site for it once before, but I lost it. You 3 are looking very svelt. Stay safe.