Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Busy day.

Busy day today. John and I both had our annual dentist appointments this morning. Then it was off to the grocery store. Next it was lunch at the Mint Restaurant located in the Renaissance Mall. We each had a gift certificate and John was off from the mall today so it was a good time. The lunch special was chicken and dumpling and braised collard greens with biscuits. It was an ok lunch. I think John liked it better than I did. I think we had a couple of dumplings with a mound of chicken. LOL

After we got back from lunch John decided it was a good time to change out the tire on the axle that had been replaced previously. Just as he was completing his task, our son Robert and his friend Daniel drove up and were ready to go disc golfing. They played 18 holes and had a good time. I think John overdid it with his shoulder though. He is feeling it tonight.

While he was gone I got busy cooking up a gallon of spaghetti and meat sauce to package and freeze for later.


It sure comes in handy when you don’t want to cook.

Tonight John and I went with Bob and Marcy to visit my cousin Billy who is very ill in the University Medical Center. He has been I the hospital almost three weeks and has a very long road of treatment in front of him.

On the way home Bob mentioned getting a hamburger so we went in search of food. LOL We ate at (our old FD and TSC) McB’s. They are known for their wine burgers which are very very good.


John and Bob after finishing their burgers. Ahhhhh!!!! LOL


Marcy chose a turkey club sandwich with a baked potato.

I decided I would be good tonight and ordered the “Bo Jordan” , named after one of the retired firemen, which consists of a grilled meat and a salad. It tastes good also. It was hard to pass up onion rings or fries but I managed to do it…….this time. LOL

Laugh everyday. Happy trails. Stay safe.

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  1. Hello! We made it to Red Bay and got some of our work done yesterday. We still lack some work yet and are waiting for them to call our number.
    Thanks for the great time. We will have to see how much longer we will be up here before we return. Maybe we can see you both again.

    Joe and Sherri