Sunday, May 27, 2012


Saturday morning started our normal duties of cleaning the 7 bath houses/restrooms and trash runs through the park.  But about 2pm the ranger called to say our area was under a watch for sub tropical storm Beryl.  If the status was changed to a warning the park would have to be evacuated including volunteers.  We are waiting to see what will happen with that.  We are not suppose to get the rain and winds until later in the day today so hopefully we can get our morning work done.  Due to the drought and the dry lakes the park is not all that busy.  I would estimate it at 40-50% occupied in the 3 campgrounds.  The weather service is estimating 10-20 inches of rain over the next few days and wind speeds up to 30mph for our area.

Update 1:13pm:  We are now under a warning and the park is being evacuated.  Raining hard right now from the outer bands.

Stay Safe


  1. Holey moley! 10-20 inches of rain! I hope you guys don't have a flood! Stay safe and good luck!

  2. Where are you headed??/ We are in Kings Bay Ga in direct path and they didn't evacuate the base...we get the northern path which is the worst part of it...they just told us to button up and put everything away that was outside...keep us in your prayers....Loreta

  3. Never been through a sub tropical storm...stay safe!

  4. Hope you weathered the storm, and won't have to much of a clean up once you get back to the campground. Hugs to you both.