Monday, May 14, 2012

Travel Day and Sad News

Today we left Florida heading back to Mississippi to visit family and friends and to attend the memorial service for retired Asst. Fire Chief Carter Hill.  It was an uneventful trip.  We stopped by Robert's work and surprised him then by Bridget's mom and dad's to surprise them.  Annie was the only one that knew we were coming and she was able to keep it a secret.  Dinner of hamburgers at Annie's tonight followed by a round of ten penny.  Bob won the ten penny game.  After checking Facebook late this evening I found out that the fire department's administrative assistant's mother passed away today. 

One of the Mississippi State Fire Academy staff instructors also passed away this morning. 

WOW, what a tragic day.  Bridget and I sent our condolences to the families affected and ask that you say a prayer for them.

Stay Safe


  1. Oh that is a sad day indeed. :-(

  2. OOh, my... It seems like you have been attending a lot of wakes lately. Doesn't it sometimes seem like it goes in cycles?? My Dad, who ran a cemetery, always believed death comes in threes..I find that a little "dark", but more often than not he was right..Our sympathy to all of those families...