Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fellow RVer has a mishap.

The morning started out with the men loading Big Red (the 18 wheeler that transports the Escapades supplies).  After John got back he went to fix Andre’s back-up camera then he went to help Bob Chuck with the front shade on their motorhome.   While John and Bob Chuck were working they heard a loud crunching sound.    You know that is never good.  Unfortunately, a fellow RVer was pulling out when his motorhome clipped the water hydrant post and pulled the rear cap off of his motorhome.  Ouch!    John, Bob Chuck and several other men ran over to help pull the end cap off of the water hydrant post.  Shortly afterwards the back end was duct taped and rachet strapped and they were on  their way.  Hopefully they will find a good fiberglass repair shop down the road.  It was like deja vu to us.  Just last year we clipped a boulder and tore the cap off of our 5th wheel. We feel their pain.
Barb W. and I went to lunch at a local Chinese restaurant called Fortune Palace.  The food was delicious and I enjoyed spending time with my friend.  Thanks for lunch Barb.  As we were leaving the restaurant we noticed a large number of motorcycles at the cycle shop next door.  The Hog Rally is in Sedalia this weekend so there are lots of bikes on the road and at the fairgrounds.
Tonight we went to dinner with Roger, Barb M. , Bob Chuck and Barb W.  Roger and Barb will be leaving in the morning so we all went for one more night out together.  It was still early when we returned from dinner so we decided to play a round of golf.  John was the winner this time.
Barb and Roger
Bob Chuck and Barb
Tomorrow will be our last day in Sedalia.  We plan to ride over to Belton, MO to pick up some brats at McBees.  We tried these last year and really liked them. 
Laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe.

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