Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Mississippi River Lock No. 24.

Hot sunny weather today…..in the mid 90s. 

There aren’t many RVs in this park, only 6 including ours.  Four of the six are just parked here.  The only other person we have seen is the man in the C-Class motor home three sites down from us.  It is very quiet here. 

This afternoon we rode into the town of Clarksville to look at the Mississippi River Lock and Dam No. 24.  When we arrived, a boat and barge was leaving so we decided to hang out and wait for the one coming in.




Boat and barge leaving.


1200 foot boat and barge coming in.  The lock is only 600 feet so they had to break it in half.



Load locked in and waiting for the water to rise.


Load moving out after gate opened.


Gate closing after the first part of the load is out.


Boat and remaining load coming in.

John’s brother Bill works for a towing company so when we see a load coming in or going out we think of him.  It is interesting to watch.

Laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe.

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  1. I think somewhere around Greenville they were having a back up of barges due to the low river...I love the ol' Mississip...living vicariously through Huck Finn!