Friday, October 5, 2012

Axles Away

Tuesday I called the place that replaced our front axle last year to make an appointment to have the axles aligned on the trailer.  While driving from Montgomery City to Branson I noticed the trailer was dog legging (back of trailer farther to right then front) and some bad tire wear.  They told me they don't align axles and to take it to Crump Truck and Trailer in Springfield, MO.  Mike is also having axle/tire problems and is working with Keystone on his repairs.  We have gone to check the place Keystone is sending him and they told us they send there axle issues to Crump.
When I called and talked with Dusty I let him know we were full time RVers (our house) and would need our trailer back the same day.  I told him about the tire wear and how the trailer was tracking down the road.  He set my appointment for 1pm Thursday.  I dropped the trailer off at 12:30 and he called about 4:30 and said to head that way.  It was ready when I arrived and now tows straight.  They work on all kinds of RV's (motorhomes, 5vers and travel trailers) and do great work, I highly recommend them.  If you need RV work nationwide then check out RV Service Reviews, I have it bookmarked with RV Park Reviews.  Both reviews are submitted by RVers.

Cold weather is moving in for the weekend.  Bridget's back is bothering her so we stayed in today.  I played house maid and vacuumed, did laundry, dishes and cooked Jambalaya for dinner.  Basically a TV and computer day. 
Temp will be in the 30's tonight and not out much higher this weekend (30s/50s).

Stay Safe


  1. Chilly here in Kansas too. Hope Bridget's back is better soon.

  2. We had terrible tire wear problems with our Keystone Cougar..3 blowouts..Den replaced the axle himself after driving to Indiana to pick one up..Even took it to a place that trouble shoots semi axle problems..and they tweaked it..By that time we were ready to unload it and get our Hiker...good move!

  3. What causes that type of problem..we had our axles aligned in May and the new tires and luckily we have had no problems this whole trip so far.....just a bad propane regulator...hope all is well with you guys now and stay warm....Loretta and Bill