Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Enjoying Branson

Yesterday afternoon Mike, Leslie, John and I went to the I-Max theater to check out the show schedule.  We noticed the new Clint Eastwood movie, Trouble with the Curve, was about to start so we purchased tickets.  I love Clint Eastwood movies.  We all enjoyed this one very much.  He played his part well, as usual.  After the movie we decided to drive over and check out the Escapees park.  As we drove through John recognized a familiar RV.  It was Sue, a fellow Escapees member whom we met in Montgomery City a week ago.  We stopped and visited with her for a little while then headed home for dinner.

This morning Mike, John, and I walked the entire walking trail through Treasure Lake Park.  It was a good cardio workout.  The walking trails in this park are well maintained and scenic.  Sometimes we see deer and turkey out and about.

Tonight we went back to the I-Max theater and attended the Tribute to Johnny Cash Show.  The man didn’t sound much like Johnny Cash but the musical talents of the players/singers was outstanding.  The lead singer was formerly from the band The Kendalls.  The lead guitarist played the banjo and the dobro as well as guitar.  His background is bluegrass music and he sings as well as plays. Very talented.



Playing the dobro.


Playing the banjo.


Bass player.


Playing the mandolin.


After leaving the show we stopped at Little Hacienda for some dinner.  The food was great.  Best salsa we have had.


Leslie and Mike.


John and I.


Frozen Margarita. Yum Yum.


Taco Salad.  My plate.


Spinach Enchiladas.  Leslie’s plate.   Sorry I forgot to take a picture of Mike and John’s plate.

Laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe.


  1. Branson is a great stop, we were down there for veteran's week last year and it was such a great experience, they really made the Veterans welcome and the shows were free for the vet and they gave meal discounts too. Don't forget Ali Workentin is down there managing a campground with her husband Ron. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  2. First of all..that Ava is a show stopper! Second of all those drinks look like a slice of heaven to me....If I was there I would have been all over that!!

  3. Always wanted to go to Branson...just have to talk Hubby into it!

  4. I just love the picture of you two...What is it with the surprised looks. You two look like two on the federal witness relocation program. Looks like ya'll are having fun! We will be leaving in January and have know idea where we are headed. I know we will be smiling when we pull out.