Sunday, August 11, 2013

Leaking injector line and a busted air conditioner cover.

Today started out great.  We left Havre before noon and were on our way to Fort Peck.  As we drove through town I told John I smelled diesel.  A few miles down the road he started smelling it too.  We had been on the road less than 30 minutes.  Luckily John spotted a tire company with a large parking lot.  Of course, since today is Sunday, everything is closed.  That is the reason we usually do not travel on a Sunday.  After pulling into the parking lot John went to work to diagnose the problem.
This is never a good sight.
He found the #4 injector line had come loose and was leaking.  He bled the line and tightened it.  Thank God it was something that he could fix.  In less than 20 minutes we were on our way again.   But the story of our day does not end there.  On our way to Fort Peck we went through the town of Glasgow.  There just happened to be a bridge with a clearance of 12’ 9”.  The fifth wheel in front of us went through with no problem so John figured we would too.  Unfortunately for us, the top of the bridge busted the air conditioner cover as we passed through.  That really sucked.  After getting out from under the bridge John pulled over  to check out the damage.  We were lucky it was just the cover.  The air conditioner works fine.   By this time I’m thinking…..hurry up and get to the campground. LOL

I guess we will be shopping for a new air conditioner cover.
Around 4:00 p.m. we finally arrived at Fort Peck Downstream Campground.  Yeah!!!!
Our site.
We will be here for two days then we will travel on to Jamestown, ND for an overnight before reporting to Fort Ransom State Park, ND to work as camp hosts there.
Laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe.


  1. WOW!!!! John is one smart cookie. I would be lost if I had to figure out something like that. Give me some wood and I can make anything you wont but all that mechanic way Jose could figure that out. If we did not have that great grand baby coming we would head on up to Fort Ransom and spend some time with you! I guess you will be kind of busy working but I know you will find time to play.

  2. Sounds like John has earned his MacGyver badge, and those are NOT easy to come by..Aren't we two lucky chics to have such handsome and smart husbands? (Of course WE aren't any slouches either, Bridget!)

  3. Those low clearances are my biggest fret. We are over 13', so we would not have even attempted that one. Glad the damage wasn't worse.