Sunday, May 18, 2014

2014 Escapades

The first few days we have been very busy with Parking Team duties.  On our first day parking the incoming staff it rained.  That is always fun.  We had rain gear so it wasn't so bad.  By the afternoon the rain had stopped and all the staff had arrived.

John explaining the parking plan for the next day. 
Tom, Dave and Sharon at their post awaiting RVs at the gate while the photographer waits for Dave to do his happy dance.

Fran, Dave, Tom and Sharon visiting with one of the customer service people and her dog at the front gate. 
Marsha and Michelle rocking their parking orange.
Tom, Dave and Dianne getting ready to head out to their post. 
Donna working her post. 
Peg and Debby assisting someone with a question. 

After that first day of rainy weather things cleared up and parking went rather smoothly.  I had just about made it through the week without a mishap when I got my 8-seater golf cart stuck in the mud. 
Here is my 8-seater with the back tires stuck in the mud. I was delivering water to one of guys working security and backed off too far.  John had to come and bail me out.   But wait.....the day was not over yet.  While delivering lunches to the parking team I backed into a wooden pole.  Nothing was damaged just my ego. haha

On Tuesday we hosted the Parking Team Potluck Dinner.  We always have a great time at these dinners because everyone usually has a "parking story" to tell.  Little did I know that I was going to be the butt of the joke that night.  Our directors, Molly and Bob Pinner, presented me with the Run Amok award in honor of my mishaps during parking. 
Here is my prestigious award.
Molly presenting me with the award. I couldn't help but laugh at myself. 
I was able to take a few pictures of the parking team a the dinner that night before my battery died. 

 During the potluck dinner parking team member shared some of their funniest moments while working.  In this picture Dave on the far right is getting ready to do his "happy dance" and also pay up on a bet he made with Sharon.  Tom, on the far left, is explaining the bet to everyone. 
Sharon receiving her $2.00 bill from Dave. 
Lois and Ron.
Donna and Lloyd.
Bob and Debby.
Barb and Bob Chuck.
Kaye and Erwin.
Lee and Marsha.
Michelle and Dave.

John and I want to thank everyone on the team for all their hard work and a job well done.  We work hard and we have lots of fun.   What an awesome group of people.
The Parking Team group picture.  

After all the parking is complete we are free to enjoy the rally; attending seminars, happy hours and entertainment.  On the first night after opening ceremonies John won two tickets to Dollywood. 

The next day John was walking through the market area and stopped at the Lippert Components, Inc. booth.  They are the ones who manufacture the axles we have on our rig.  We are having problems with tire wear again so John was looking for a solution.  The Lippert man came over to our rig assessed the problem and set-up an appointment for us to have it fixed during the rally.  What was supposed to take around four hours turned in to a two night's stay at the Best Western.  That was a bummer.  Lucky for us it was a pet friendly hotel and there was no extra charge for Fred. 

John and I finally got to meet Carol who has followed our blog for a long time. Carol was in the market area with her employer.  It is always fun to meet blog followers in person.  

John, Carol and me.

That night after attending the entertainment John and I rode over to check on a situation with one of the RVs that had been previously parked.  On our way back when John made a left turn I was thrown from the golf cart and rolled.  John got me up off the ground and took me to our friends Barb and Bob's motorhome to be cleaned up. I had a knot on my left arm, a skinned left hand and two skinned knees.  The right knee was the worst with several layers of skin torn off and swelling.  I am thankful I had jeans on or it would  have been much worse.  Of course word of my mishap was broadcasted over the radios.  I hope the saying "things always come is threes" is true because that means I have met my quota. 
Here I am after Barb bandaged me up with the ice pack on my knee.  Thanks Nurse Barb for taking care of me. 
This is how my right knee looked yesterday.  It really is much better.  
While our rig was in the shop Barb and Bob Chuck let Fred hang out at their place while we were all attending rally stuff.  I think Fred and their cat Gypsy became friends.   We finally got our rig back Friday afternoon.  A big thank you to Barb and Bob Chuck for letting us hang out at their place during the day. 
Fred sitting with Barb while Gypsy gives Barb a "high five". 

The third night of entertainment is called Ham-O-Rama where fellow Escapade attendees audition and perform for the audience.  Our friend Bea was among the entertainers. 
Great job Bea.

And last but certainly not least....the rally would not be complete without poking a little fun at the Escapade Director, Bob. 
Bob proudly wearing his rooster hat made by Barb and Bea.   

Yesterday John left early to host a golf hop and I walked over to the hitch-up breakfast to visit with friends before they left.  The rest of the day was spent catching up on laundry and stuff like that.

A small group of us remained yesterday. Barb, Bob Chuck and John and I went out to dinner one last time before we go our separate ways.  We will miss everyone and hope to see them down the road again real soon.  Even with all the "mishaps"  we had a great time.

Today we left Goshen and arrived at Sandwich Fairgrounds in Sandwich IL to visit with Blog Ma and MacGyver,  AKA Cave Dwellings in blogland.

Laugh everyday.  Happy trails. Stay safe.


  1. Oh my goodness what a tumble! I hope you are feeling better soon.... I heard about your award from Donna. Congrats! It sounds like everyone LOVES you!

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  2. All week long I kept seeing a couple of faces that I thought I knew but never saw the Name Tags. We were parked down on the infield the whole time and Kathy got sick after the rain started. We did meet Sam and Donna Weibel but missed you and John. Maybe next time I'll pay more attention somewhere down the road.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Great post Bridget. Hope your leg gets better fast. sorry I thought Fred had gone with you to the hotel otherwise we could have taken him too.
    Enjoy your visit with the Caves