Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Just hanging out at the dealership.

John was up early this morning and at the service door with the truck to have it checked out.  After hooking it up to the computer the tech said it was the EGT Sensor and a Pressure Sensor.  The dealership did not have the parts so they sent someone to pick them up.  Around 3:00 p.m. the work was complete and the tech took it for a test drive. While he was gone I packed up everything and pulled in the slides so we could hit the road when he got back.  That "was" the plan.  That plan was quickly changed when it quit on the tech while out on the test drive.   Now they have determined  another EGT Sensor is bad and, of course, they do not have the part.  Oh happy happy joy joy!  So, out go the slides again.  John will be driving to pick up the part in the morning or we will have to wait until noon for it to be delivered.   We hope to be out of here before noon.  I am crossing my fingers, toes, legs and eyes on this one.

This afternoon while John was up at the dealership office, Fred and I were hanging out in the RV when a couple walked up to the door and started to open it.  Before they could go any farther Fred the guard dog scared them.  When I got to the door they apologized and said they thought the RV might be for sale and wanted to look at it.  I guess the dealership takes RVs in on trade and has them on the lot from time to time.  I told them the RV was not for sale but I would sell them a Ford truck.  They were local people out looking at trucks and campers.  Before they left the lady gave me her phone number in case we needed anything and said they live two streets over. 

Fred at his post guarding.

Ah....the view of the truck from our RV.  Don't it look sad sitting there. 

Before we knew it supper time was upon us. Luckily we have propane to cook with.  I scrounged and decided I would throw something together. What do you get when you throw together sauteed garlic, onions, ranch style beans, diced tomatoes, chili seasoning and angel hair pasta? 

I think I will call it Broke Down Pasta & Beans.  Oh well, it was something hot to eat.  Better than eating another sandwich today.  I think we have a little ice cream left in the freezer.  That should make a great dessert.   We have been blessed with mild temperatures while stranded here so we are happy with that. 

Tomorrow my dad, Bob, is having a heart test run.  Dad our thoughts and prayers are with you.  Love you. 

Laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe. 


  1. Awwwwwwe shucks! I guess it's better for you to have the tech find out rather than get down the road and it stop again for you kids! I love anything over pasta...I could eat it every day...Best of luck for your Dad and his test...

  2. Your "broke down pasta and beans" look very good!!!
    Sure hope the next fix does the trick...good luck!!