Saturday, July 26, 2014

Turkey Days in Frazee

We were looking for something different to do so we drove over to Frazee where they were celebrating Turkey Days.  This is supposedly the home of the world's largest turkey.

This is the large statue outside of town. 

This is the smaller statue in town.
There were many events in progress when arrived one of which was the Tyler Shipman Memorial Car Show.  

Tyler Shipman's car.

John and I both like cars and there were a few good looking ones here. 
1970 Dodge Challenger, Fuel injected 440 

It would be fun to take it for a ride. 

Pontiac GTO 
Ford Torino Cobra.

After walking through the car show we were off to visit Vergas to get a picture of the world's largest Loon. 

Ain't he pretty.

On the way back to the refuge we stopped to pick up a few groceries. The weather was really nice so we decided to cook out tonight.  Judy was working at the VC so I called to see if she would like to join us for dinner.  

This was one of the first nights we were able to enjoy being outdoors without the deer flies and mosquitos attacking.  After our meal it was game time.   Ladder golf style!

Judy said she would play the winner of the first game.  John beat me so here is John and Judy at the beginning of their game.  Sorry the picure is blurry.  I just had to post it because I loved the facial experessions.

In the end Judy beat both of us.  Way to go Judy.  You smoked us.  We had a great time. 

Tomorrow we will be working at the VC. 

Laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe. 


  1. We use to have one of those games..Dennis made it..But the grandkids got too wild with the roped balls and we decided to discontinue it before someone ended up with the balls wrapped around their neck!!

  2. Was Judy hiding her talent from you guys??? Congrats to Judy!!! Looks like everybody had a good time!!!
    The world's largest turkey and the world's largest loon reminds me of the movie "Michael" where Michael goes out looking for all these "world's largest" things. If you haven't seen this movie, its an oldie but worth seeing.