Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Lunch with Glenda and Jeff.

Yesterday the rain finally moved on. Yeah!!!  So glad to finally see the sunshine.  John and I met fellow RVers Glenda and Jeff at Starvin Marvin's for lunch.  The last time we saw them was in 2011.  Can't believe it has been that long.   We enjoyed catching up and sharing travel stories.   Hope to see them again down the road real soon.

Jeff and Glenda 

Today we enjoyed sunny skies and temperatures the 70s.  That was very nice.  Later in the afternoon we went out for a grocery run.  Other than that, not much going on.  

Fred taking a nap. 

Laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe. 


  1. Hope you said Hi to them for us and how sorry we couldnt be there.
    What did you do to poor Fred...looks like you wore him out

  2. I just wanta snuggle right up with Fred...

  3. I think it's been raining in the entire country! Fred and I must meet someday; we'll nap!!!