Thursday, May 21, 2015

Bird Festival

Last week the refuge was a very busy place with getting everything ready for the Bird Festival on Saturday (Over 800 people attended). John helped haul supplies, put up tents and signs and lots of other miscellaneous stuff.  The festival is a free event for the community.  There was something for everybody to enjoy:  Conestoga Wagon rides through the refuge, bird house building, archery, a scavenger hunt and crafts, just to name a few.  Friday afternoon we had a trial run on the wagon ride.

Marty and Brenda enjoying the ride. 

The archery site.
The eagle's nest is located on the wagon's route.  Great chance for people to get a photo. 

We were all tired after the festival was over but a few of us went out for a bite to eat.  John was busy Monday and Tuesday helping put away tents and other supplies from the festival.  Yesterday was a mowing day for him.  He mowed the area around the RV sites and the bunkhouse.  While he was mowing around the RV sites he mowed right up to some honey bees on a tree.

They were gone this morning. 

I have been working at the Wildlife Center as well as the chemical inventory project.  We have had lots of visitors at the center.  Sunday we had close to 200 people.   

We are enjoying warm weather this week.  I am liking that. 

Laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay Safe. 


  1. Would you send some of that warm weather down here? :)

  2. Sounds interesting. So you both work..Do you get the same times off. I know there is a lot to see around there. Sherri wants to know if there are any scary passes to go over getting there. You know how she is about high places...LOL