Saturday, August 8, 2015

Fire in Evergreen.

It has been quite a while since our last post.  We are still in Kalispell, MT visiting Aunt Eloise.  On the last blog I posted pictures of our cherry picking outing.  We had a great time that day and picked lots of delicious cherries.  We had so many it took us a couple of days to pit them.  Of course we had to have a cherry pie.

It was yummy. 

The weather here has been pretty mild with a few hot days here and there.  Almost everyday we see some deer.  

A couple of baby deer on the other side of the fence.  

Mama deer is never too far behind. 

There are also a few bucks around. 
The bucks usually hang out int he wooded area.  
Aunt Eloise has been trying to save her plants from these deer.  It seems they like to eat her flowers.  She sprays an egg mixture on the plants to repell the deer.  So far it is working. 
Her tiger lillies are in full bloom.  These are my favorite. 
She also has some day lillies.

We have been playing lots of 10 Penny.  One night Aunt Eloise beat us real good with a score of 5 for a whole game.  Wow!  What a score. 

She beat us she had four coins left. 

Last week Aunt Eloise and I had a girl's day out.  We left one morning and didn't return until after 4:00 p.m.   We went to several fabric stores and looked around and I finally found some fabric that would make nice looking pillows for our leather sofa.   It has been a long time since I have sewn something so Aunt Eloise helped me out.  A huge thank you to her for helping me and allowing me to use her machine. 

Wednesday of this week, John and I went into town for a few groceries.  On the way back he noticed lots of smoke. Of course we went to check it out.  As we got closer we discovered the fire was off of Reserve Drive, which we sometimes take to go back home.  It was a windy day and everything was so dry making it a serious situation.  Residents in the immediately area were using garden hoses to wet their yards.  We were able to get close enough for John to walk down to where the some of the fire engines where parked.  I waited a little while and was not surprised when he called and told me to go on home that he was staying to help.  Sadly, there were five structures including a house lost in the fire.  Multiple fire agencies including two helicopters were used to control and extinguish the fire. The local news reported a transient was smoking a cigarette and tossed it.  He thought he had put it out but apparently that was not the case.  They also reported possible charges against him.  Luckily no lives were lost and no one was injured. 

There have been several fires in surrounding areas recently.  In Columbia Falls last week a woman and her three year old son died in a house fire.  That one is still being investigated.  So sad. 

Last night during a game of 10 Penny what we assumed was a juvenile Great Horned Owl landed on a tree in Aunt Eloise's back hard.  We took several pictures. 

After sitting for a while he finally flew off.  It was so awesome to watch.

Laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe.


  1. Glad to hear of John helping with the fire. Hope he didn't inhale too much smoke especially from the structures.
    Be safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. I know John was in his element helping out. . .were you sore the next day?

    You aunt is going to miss you guys when you move on. . .

  3. John reminds me of our son,Kelly...Once a firefighter, it gets in your blood..Dennis was one and so was his Dad...Thanks, John..We are not at all surprised at your selflessness..We are proud to call you two friends.