Sunday, August 30, 2015

Pizza, Rummikub and 10 Penny with friends.

Yesterday John, Aunt Eloise and I joined RV friends Janice and Dave for Pizza and games.  Janice and Dave had never played 10 Penny so we brought it with us and played around of it.   Aunt Eloise was the winner.

Janice and Aunt Eloise sorting their cards. 
John and Dave.  Dave looks like he is thinking up a "win" strategy. LOL
 Dave and Janice. 

After playing a round of 10 Penny, Janice and Dave taught us how to play Rummikub.  That was really fun.   There were lots of laughs as the game progress.  I can see how this game could become addictive. 

Me, John, Davd and Aunt Eloise. 
Of course we stopped for coffee, water, lemonade and hot chocolate. 
Doesn't it look like we are all up to something. 

We had a blast with Janice and Dave and hope to see them again down the road real soon.  Thanks Janice and Dave for dinner and a wonderful game night.   Great friends and lots of laughs.  It just doesn't get any better than that. 

John has been making progress with the chore list at Aunt Eloise's.  He finished the new porch and concrete stepping stones at the front of the house and will begin painting soon.  I will be posting some pictures a little later. 

Laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe. 

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  1. You all really love games..Dennis grew up in a card playing family..not me...I didn't know how to play "War" until I was in high school...never did learn poker either...My sis and I played dice games when I was living with her for a couple years..Yahtzee and Kismet....Maybe I should hang out in casinos and just "roll those dice" lol!