Sunday, March 20, 2016

A visit with Bea & Bennit and a pageant.

John and I were very busy Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday getting the group camp area ready for the next group.  The next time should be a breeze.

Tuesday our friends Bea and Bennit arrived in the area.  They were staying overnight before heading home the next day.  We had dinner with them at a place called The Corner Cafe in Griffin, Georgia.  Love this place.  The food and service were great.   After finishing a fabulous dinner we took Bea and Bennit over to  Indian Springs State Park for a tour and introduced them to fellow volunteers Dick and Kelly.  Dick had a nice campfire going so we all visited for a while before calling it a night.  So glad Bea and Bennit were able to stay for a visit.  Hope to see them again real soon. 

Bennit, Bea, John and me. 

We had another nice surprise visit from friends Gloria and Don Friday.  They have volunteered at Indian Springs in the past.  We first met them when we first volunteered here back in 2012.   We drove into Jackson and had lunch with them at The Lunch Box.  They have a daily lunch hot bar or menu items.  We all chose the hot bar.  You get a meat, two sides, dessert and drink.   The food is pretty good.  I think the last time we saw Don and Gloria was in 2014 when we volunteered here the last time.  So good catching up with them. 

John, Don, me. Gloria.

Later that night John and I joined Dick at Kelly's campsite for dinner.  He invited us for chicken tacos.  Very very tasty.  Thank you Kelly for a delicious dinner.  John brought along a peanut butter cheesecake pie he made the night before.  It was his first time making one of those.  It was so good. 

Yesterday we drove to Warner Robins to cousin Tricia's house.  Aunt Mary and Uncle Johnny had arrived the day before from MS.  Tricia's daughter, Emily was a contestant in a Pageant at her high school and we wanted to be there to support her and enjoy a visit. 

Emily and John.
Tricia, Emily and Bryan.

Emily with her flowers.  She is a very special young lady.  Love her. 

Our thanks to Cousin Tricia for a wonderful dinner before the pageant. We enjoyed our visit with everyone.  

Laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe.

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