Friday, April 1, 2016

Fun with Dick at Indian Springs.

Our time at Indian Springs is growing short.  We always love our volunteer time here.  It is like coming home.  Our favorite pastime is hanging out with Dick, the volunteer campground host.  He keeps us laughing and there is never a dull moment.

Every night we usually sit around a campfire at Dick's place. 

Dick's dog Skeeter enjoying the campfire with us. 

The other campground host, Kelly also comes over with his dog Carla and visits with us. 

Carla with Skeeter's toy. 

We have enjoyed several dining experiences with Dick this month.  He loves Red Lobster but the closest one is quite a distance from the park so he doesn't go there often.  One night last week we took a road trip to Red Lobster with Dick.  We have Red Lobster back home in Mississippi but we don't go there often because the food is just so so.  The Red Lobster here has fantastic food and service.  Our server, Fallon, was a good sport and enjoyed joking around with Dick.  

Dick, me and John.

Dick loved his dessert so much he proceeded to lick his plate.  LOL. He is so funny. 

This week Dick took us to one of his favorite places over in Covington called Thomas' Buffet. The food is great and the price is reasonable.....$8.00 includes the buffet and drink.  The food reminded us of Mama Hamil's back home.

Dick showing off his full belly. 

Yesterday Kim from the Indian Springs Campground office joined us for lunch with Dick.  This time we went to one of Dick's favorite local spots called The Lunch Box.  Of course there was lots of lively conversation. 

Dick and Kim.

Last night a storm moved through this area.  This morning John was out helping remove a tree that had fallen across one of the main roads. 

Laugh everyday. Happy trails. Stay safe.

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