Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hi Dee

Up at 6, at the mall at 6:35 for a 7-3 shift. The boss did make it in today, he has been sick and is on meds. Seems this stuff has been going around with the up and down temps. Well, yesterday it rained but today was all sunshine, temps made it up into the lower 60's. Normal day today with the usual clean up and maintenance projects. I was happy to see 3pm as I was tired and when I got home I took a nap. I don't much care for the working til 11p then back by 7a shifts but every now and then they occur. I got up a while ago when Bridget said supper was ready. Dee has just gotten online, she is a fellow chatter from NC. I am usually in the chat room later in the evening. It for now!

Stay Safe


  1. Thank you the blurb on the blog. It's great reading about your double life style. It will be ending before too long and you'll be able to nap whenever you want to. See you in chat.

  2. I had trouble last night in chat seems like chat is jammed and then it dumps about 10 to 15 lines of chat at once and then I am lost? I can put lines of type on but I don't know if anyone can see them when it is jammed up???