Monday, January 12, 2009

Who Has A BD Today

Happy Birthday Joe (speedy, speedhitch), RV-Dreams chatter extraordinaire , wishing you a great day.

We had an early morning call (3:30am) for an HVAC system that had smoke coming out of it at a local business. It is hard for me to go back to sleep after I have been up that early in the morning, I just lay I bed asking myself why don't you go back to sleep. Didn't happen so from 11-2:30 I took a nap. My brother Bill called and will be coming into town tomorrow to pick up 2 cars to take back to Arkansas and needed my air compressor so I will take it to the mall with me in the morning. Going to get cold, down into the lower 20's and upper teens this week so I unhooked the water from Suite Ram this afternoon and covered the outside faucets. I set the furnace in Suite Ram to 42 so it won't freeze. Hope to make chat for speedy's BD party.

Stay Safe

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  1. Thanks John...I had a good time at the party and I appreciate you coming.I blacked out after the girls came in from outside...I can't recall their names and I can't wipe that vision from my mind. Next year I should take it easy on my Birthday.