Friday, January 9, 2009

What A Day

We were toned out to an apartment fire at 6:30ish this morning, we had heavy fire on arrival from the second floor. The ceiling collapsed on the crew inside and two of the three were transported by ambulance for burns. We eventually got the fire out and after getting off I went to the ER to check on the guys (Marc and Sean). Marc got the worst of it but both ended up going to the burn clinic in Brandon from the ER. Sean had first and second burns on his ears and shoulder and Marc had first and second degree burns on his ears, neck, shoulder, right arm and part of his back. Sean was released from the burn clinic just after lunch with outpatient care. Marc was released after 4:45pm after a 3pm surgery to remove the burned skin and a new grafting treatment. They will both be off a minimum of two weeks. We left the burn clinic heading home and ended up eating supper with Nathan and Kay and their daughter and her BF at a Mexican restaurant in Madison then over to Bob and Marcy's to check their computer for a virus, non found. We were suppose to go to see Gran Torino tonight but will go tomorrow night with Annie and Terry.

Stay Safe

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  1. I heard that Grand Torino was a good movie. We will wait until it comes out on the $1.00 rent at Krogers. We still PO...

    Joe and Sherri