Tuesday, February 24, 2009


The mall 7-3, usual mall day, temps in the 60's but windy. Gone home and battled with AT&T about my email. I had Bellsouth email but AT&T has a new email with yahoo and were switching the Bellsouth email accounts over. I can get the emails from my main email account but not from my sub-accounts. I still don't but they said it may take 24 hours for the changes to occur, we will see. Bridget and I went out for supper to an Italian restaurant, it was our first and last time. Food portions were good but tasted as if it came from a can. Not my kind of Italian. We will stick with Cerami's were we know it is good. Back in the recliner.

Stay Safe

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  1. That is the way Sherri and I are. We hate to try new places when we know the ones we go to all the time are great!!! Oh well you never find new places unless you try

    Joe and Sherri