Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Trailer Tires

Let me explain about the tires. Like Howard and Linda, we have upgraded from 16" to 17.5" wheels and tires. I purchased them from the same place Howard bought his and had them delivered to the mall on the 25th of January. Unlike H&L, we are stationary so the tires have been stored in our garage. With our trip coming up in March I am having to schedule time (make myself) to change the wheels and tires out, I am estimating 4 hours and I have put this in my things to do schedule so I won't keep putting it off. I will have to pull the trailer out from behind the house and it has been raining the last few days so the ground is very wet, after this evenings rain it is not suppose to rain until after Monday so hopefully the ground will dry out by Monday. It is raining right now and windy with temps in the mid 70's. High tomorrow, you guessed it, the mid 50's, gotta love this weather. Bridget is still working on the anniversary stuff.

Stay Safe

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  1. John I noticed on the list that Laynette emailed me that you had cancelled out Kerrville? Did I get some bad information?