Saturday, September 5, 2009

Garage Sale, HS Reunion

Garage sale started at 6:40 with our first customer. Marcy, Annie, Kay and Bridget had stuff to sell. Off and on traffic to 11, you know they say that one mans junk is another mans treasures, Kay sold a lamp shade with a hole burned through it. About 11:45 we (Bridget, Kay, Annie, mom and Aunt Martha and I) headed to Applebee's for lunch then I took mom and Aunt Martha down to Crystal Springs and while I was there reset a commode. The floor in the bathroom had to be replaced due to a leak. Got home and took a nap then got ready for our high school reunion. Bridget graduated in 1979 and I in 1980. The high school we went to closed when the new high school was built. The reunion was a 1975-1986, about 200 people. We had a great time trying to figure out who everyone was. A group of us left the reunion and headed to the Waffle House for a snack and chat. Another group came in and as we were leaving a lady started a ruckus with the chef, this turned into a fight with one of the patrons and the police showed up. Pretty sure the lady stayed at the Police Inn for the night. Got in bed about 1am.

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