Friday, July 27, 2012

Scary day.

THURSDAY, July 26th.

Mike, Leslie, John and I started our day of adventure with a tour of the Jiffy plant.  It wasn’t a very long tour but we did receive a bag of goodies at the end. After the tour we rode through the town of Chelsea to see what we could get into next.  We didn’t find much but we did get a lot of brochures from the Chamber of Commerce for up coming events in the area.  By the time we got through running around we were ready for some lunch so we went back to the campground to eat. 


Mike standing in the Clock Tower Courtyard in Chelsea, MI.



The grounds around the Clock Tower.

Since we had no particular plans for the afternoon we decided to watch a couple of movies at Mike and Leslie’s.  After the first movie Mike said he wasn’t feeling too well. He was having some pains in his upper chest and upper arms and thought he needed to get checked out.  We all loaded up and went to Jackson, MI to Allegiance Health Medical Center.  Upon arrival they took Mike back for an EKG and further testing.  They allowed all of us to sit with him through out his ER stay.  After blood work, EKGs, chest X-ray and a CT-Scan he was admitted into the hospital.  The nursing staff at this hospital was phenomenal.


Mike and John waiting for test results.


John and Mike sharing a laugh after Mike’s bathroom visit.  You just have to have a good sense of humor all the time. LOL  

Finally, after midnight they transferred Mike from the ER to a room.  They did not allow overnight guests so Leslie went back to the campground with us.

FRIDAY, July 27th

Leslie received a call from Mike early this morning to let her know the cardiologist was there and that he would be having a stint put in for a blockage.  After the procedure the doctor came out to explain what was done and how Mike was doing.  The doctor found two blockages and put in two stints.  Mike is now in a room and doing well.  We plan to go back to visit with him this afternoon after he as rested. 

Laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe.


  1. It's great that he went to hospital. I'm so glad he's doing well. Thanks for posting.

  2. Thank you guys for being there for Mike and Les. They are two special friends and we appreciate you guys being able to help them out during this time.

    Phil and Rudee

  3. Wow! How frightening that must be while away from home. Sounds like a fantastic facility. Great that he is doing well.

  4. How awful for this to happen, but glad you were with them at the time. I'm sure you're a source of comfort for them during this trying time. Thoughts and prayers are with Mike and Leslie.

  5. WOW!! Good thing you took him to the ER...and very smart for Mike to realize something was wrong...I can't help but wonder if my hubby would be that wise!! So glad everything worked out....

  6. So glad you and John were with Mike & Leslie during this time. Have friends around sure helps you get through situations like that. Glad Mike is doing better.

  7. Ditto to all the above comments..we seem to be criss crossing each other around the country...tomorrow we are heading for Utica IL then on to Oakdale WI a few days later...catch us if you can!!! Loretta and Bill

  8. Good outcome! Thanks for taking quick action to his symptoms. We wish him a speedy recovery.