Sunday, August 19, 2012

Cool weather

We have had cool weather for the past two days.  Yesterday and today started out in the 50’s then warmed up by the afternoon, high 70’s to low 80’s.   It has been nice.

Yesterday we drove into the town of Chelsea and stopped in at an RV dealership with Mike and Leslie to look at a few new units.  On our way out of town we decided to stop for ice cream at a local spot called Zou Zou’s.  It has been a while since we had ice cream and it was so good.  Our next stop was the organic vegetable farm.  We have really enjoyed the  produce we have gotten there and I know we will  miss it when we leave this area.


Last night’s dinner.  Roasted chicken, fresh corn, fried eggplant and cucumber and tomato salad. 

Today I re-arranged the cookware in the kitchen cabinets and John cleaned out the freightliner.  Tonight we had dinner outside with Mike and Leslie.  The weather was so nice it would be a shame to waste it.  Our dinner tonight consisted of pork tenderloin, fruit salad, quinoa, eggplant and cucumber and tomato salad.  I forgot to take a picture but it was very tasty.

It didn’t take long for the weather to turn cool so we went inside for some 10  Penny.  Mike won both rounds.  I know we will be having a rematch. LOL

Laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe.

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  1. It's beautiful here today too, but hot weather is coming in the end of the week...Your food photo made me hungry.