Monday, August 27, 2012

Tractor quits on black tank pump out day.

Today was black tank pump out day at the park.  We were up waiting for our turn when Mike came over and told John the tractor quit down the road.  The work camper said it sounded like it ran out of fuel.  John and Mike went to check on it and found it had 3/4 tank of diesel.  The dates on the oil and fuel filter was 6/09.  The work camper called the owner who was on his way down with a new fuel filter.  Since the tractor is used to carry the honey wagon around the owner brought his four-wheeler around to finished the job.  While they were pumping the tanks John changed the fuel filter, bled the fuel system and injectors and got the tractor running by the time they were ready to take a break.  It took about twenty to thirty minutes.  The owner thanked the men for changing the filter out which allowed him to complete his black tank pump out.




While the men were dealing with the tractor issue Leslie and I were busy picking out vegetables.  One of the work campers shares vegetable he gets from his daughter’s garden with everyone at the park and this morning he came around with some nice things.


My stash.


Leslie’s stash.

We are truly going to miss all these nice free vegetables when we leave here.

Laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe.

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