Friday, April 25, 2014

Saying "see ya later" to Kim.

Today was a very busy day at the park.  By the end of the day there were no vacancies.  There are still some schools having spring breaks here in Georgia which makes up a large portion of campers arriving for the weekend.   We usually have a few people dropping in at night hunting a spot for the night.  Last night we had to turn some away.

We were scheduled to leave here on Monday but John noticed the weather will be nasty then so we will be pulling out Sunday.   That meant today was our last day to visit with Kim at the office.  We stopped in for our "see ya later" visit and photo.  

This is the view from Kim's desk.   I wanted to get a better picture of the little blue bird but he flew off.
John, Kim and me.

It is always hard to leave here as it is one of our favorite places to work and visit.  We will miss the staff and friends and hope to see them again real soon. Our replacement, Darnell, will be here on May 2nd.  Good luck to you Darnell.   We know you will do a great job for the park.

Laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe.


  1. I don't know if we could do "work camping"...Kudos to you that do!

  2. John & Bridget, I made my second trip to the park to meet with Ken last Sunday. Brought the wifey, where we both where given the "working attire" for the job. Due to safety reasons, I had my front brakes replaced before driving the RV. Oboy, cost me more money to prepare for volunteering than I thought. I should be pulling into your old spot by 5/6/14. Enjoyed meeting you guys and will be following you too. I'm still amazed that Bridgett could walk under that 5ver w/o bending over. Don't over work that bionic hand John, picking up self rising biscuits!! lol Darnell