Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Trip to Greenville, SC and a visit with Dick & Skeeter.

Yesterday John and I met Darnell, who will be replacing us as camp host at Indian Springs State Park.     John showed him around the park and what we do daily.  He will begin on May 2nd.  So glad we got to meet him.  We are sure he will do a wonderful job for the park.

Up very early this morning and on the road to Greenville, SC for my bi-annual doctor appointment for the enchomdroma I have in my right humerus.  It is a benign bone tumor that I was diagnosed with in 2008.   My doctor, formerly from MS, moved to Greenville, SC in 2010.  The Medical Center did not replace him and the nearest doctor of his type was located in Arkansas.  Since we travel, I decided to keep my original doctor.  We schedule or travels every two years so that I can keep my appointment.  I am happy to say there was no change in the tumor.  Yeah!!!

After leaving the doctor's office we drove to Royston, GA to visit our friend Dick and his dog Skeeter.  Dick used be the Maintenance Camp Host at Indian Springs State Park but is now volunteering at Victoria Bryant State Park.  We drove into town and had lunch at a place called Bob's Small Town Grille.  John found it online and all the reviews sounded great so you know we had to try it.  The food was great. 

John's plate:  The Reuben Sandwich
Dick's plate:  The Philly Steak Sandwich
My plate:  Grilled Cheesy Chicken Sandwich
Dick enjoying his lunch. 
Dick, John and I.
After lunch we went back to Dick's place to visit for a while before heading back to Indian Springs State Park.
Dick and Skeeter
We enjoyed our visit with Dick and Skeeter and hope to see them again soon.  Thank you to Dick for treating us to lunch. 

Laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe. 

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  1. We did not know about your tumor. All of us here are thankful that you are doing well.Sure wish we were closer to you so we could have a catch up visit. Maybe we could play some cards.