Thursday, August 7, 2014

Bob home from the hospital.

Tuesday, at midnight, my dad (Bob) went to the emergency room in lots of pain.  The tests showed an inflamed gallbladder with gall stones and an elevated enzyme count indicating something going on with his heart.  He was admitted and yesterday underwent a heart cath.  The heart cath showed one 99% blockage and a stent was inserted to fix the problem.  He was discharged this morning and is home feeling much better.  Thanks to everyone for all the thoughts, prayers and notes on facebook.

While he was at the hospital our son Robert took the grandbabies to visit him.  Shelby is getting so big. 


Yesterday Judy and I worked on the Purple Loosestrife assignment.   Purple Loosestrife is a wetlands perennial that grows in a wide range of habitats.  It is a very invasive plant.  One mature plant can produce more than two million seeds annually.  The seeds are easily dispersed by water, livestock, people and mud that is adhered to aquatic life. These plants threaten and endanger the native plants and wildlife.  Our job is to check our assigned areas and note any sightings of these plants.  We will have to go back and recheck our areas one to two times a week for up to three weeks. 

This is a picture of Purple Loosestrife displayed at the Visitor Center. 

There are a couple of plants that look very similar to this one so we have to check the areas carefully.  We didn't see any Purple Loosestrife today.   We did see a variety of other wildflowers and plants.  Of course we took pictures. 

 Rough Blazing Star
Canada Hawkweed 
Green-Headed Coneflower.

Tomorrow is one of our days off.  I think I see laundry on the agenda.

Laugh everyday. Happy trails.  Stay safe.


  1. The purple loosestrife is very pretty, but I'm glad you didn't find any.

  2. I am so glad to hear your dad is doing great!!! All that and he's already home...amazes me what medicine can do these days. I bet a visit from those grandbabies was the very best medicine of all.

  3. So glad your Dad is doing better. Being away from family when they are sick is very hard!
    Maybe you and Judy could come to our yard and help keep the "Creeping Jenny" and clover under control...You can't find our grass through these invaiders!!