Sunday, September 21, 2014

Cumberland Falls

We arrived in London, KY Friday night around 9:30.  After getting plugged in we went straight to bed.  Saturday morning John met with the tech about a tentative repair schedule.

Since we had some free time on our hands the tech suggested some sightseeing.  By the time we left it was close to noon so you know we were in search of food.   We stopped in Corbin, the next town over, and looked around.  

This place looked interesting so we gave it a try.  A front door parking spot.  Wow they must have known we were coming. 

John waiting for his country fried steak. 

John enjoying his coconut cream pie.  He savored every bite.  The server told us the desserts are made from stretch.  The lady even makes her own evaporated milk.  John said this was one of the best he has had.   An interesting little dinner.   It was one of those places where the regulars come in and converse with everyone in there. 

Today we ventured over to Cumberland Falls State Resort Park which is located Southwest of Corbin, KY in the Daniel Boone National Forest.  The resort offers cabin rentals, cottages and campsites.  We drove through the campground to see what the sites were like and found them to be very small.  Maybe a 20 footer could fit in one.  

Our first stop was the falls. Very beautiful peaceful place.  We walked along the trail and took a few pictures.  As we were walking back it started to rain. Bummer.  

 The resort also has a lodge with a restaurant so our next stop was lunch. 

The entrance to the lodge and Riverview Restaurant.

The restaurant offers a buffet with salad bar and dessert as well as menu items. We chose the buffet and weren't disappointed.  Four meats and lots of vegetables and salads to choose from.  

After leaving the resort we drove thru the surrounding areas on the forest roads admiring the scenery.  Unfortunately, there was also a lot of trash dumped along the not-so-often traveled roads, so sad.  The leaves are just starting to change so I wasn't able to get any pretty leaf pictures yet. 

Hopefully tomorrow we will find out approximately how long we will be here.  Fred is coping pretty well with all the changes.  He still doesn't like all the new sounds the motorhome makes. 

Laugh everyday.   Happy trails.  Stay safe. 


  1. We've not made it to Cumberland Falls yet. . .I see we should add it to the list. . .thanks!

    Hoping for a quick resolution for ya. . .fingers crossed!

  2. Glad you are getting the things fixed on your new house...It sure is neat!!! Poor Fred..he will be a bit nervous until he gets used to the "Princess of Monaco"!

  3. Great place. I think we went to the falls the first time over 20 years ago:)