Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Leaving Tamarac 12 days early.

Yesterday we said "see ya later" to Judy.  We wish her safe travels and fun adventures with her brother.  As I made the rounds to check the kiosks today I thought about Judy.  It was rather dull riding alone in the truck.  Every time I saw an eagle, red tail hawk, a swan or changing leaves I missed sharing it with her.  John helped Gina this morning with mowing the area for the Fall Festival.  He also cut down a few trees around one of the cabins.  After that he did his usual mowing.  He wants to get it all done before we head out.

I drove around to the usual spots to check out the swans.   The weather was sunny and warm, just perfect to be outside.  
The leaves are beginning to change.   

This is one of my favorite spots. 

John and I were scheduled to leave Tamarac on the 29th but we will be leaving this Thursday.  We are having issues with one of the slides.  John called the dealer and talked with them about the slide and a few other minor issues.  They suggested bringing it back at our convenience and they would take care of it.  We talked with the Tamarac staff (our boss Janice) and she said we could leave early if we would like so we set up an appointment with the dealership for this coming Saturday .  We have enjoyed our time here and would love to return again.  

Laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe. 


  1. awww. . .here's hoping the slide just needs a minor adjustment. . .fingers crossed for ya!

  2. Sorry to hear about the slide trouble. Can't believe you are doing another marathon driving trip to Kentucky. You may get the PDD driving award!

  3. Well CRAP! Glad you are getting back to the dealer to have the slide looked at...They might want to check that front jack and the hydrolic fluids....Get it all looked at again while you are down there, right? PS..Thanks for the ice cream recipe...