Monday, September 8, 2014

Making a change.

We have been very busy for the last two weeks.  John and I decided to make the change from a fifth wheel to a motorhome.  We found what we were looking for in London, KY at Day Brothers RV Sales.  You know what that meant......a long road trip.  We left Tamarac Refuge on September 2nd and arrrived in Kentucky on the 3rd.  Now that was a really long road trip.

Day Brothers RV Sales are a great group of people.  They are very attentive to their customers and go the extra mile to see that everything is done right.  It is a family owned business and you will feel like you are family.  I am happy to say we had a wonderful experience with them.

We were able to park right next to the motorhome.  It took three and a half hours to unload and was after 9:00 p.m. when the last items were loaded.  By the time we left the dealership, grabbed a bite to eat and fueled up it was after 10:00 before we were on the road.  Since we were both wide awake we agreed we would travel until we got tired.  It was around 3:00 a.m. when we arrived in Whitestown, IN and were both exhausted so we pulled in the the Mejier's store parking lot, set the parking brake, climbed in bed and spent the rest of the night, or morning.  No one knocked on the door and asked us to leave so I guess it was ok. 

Our next stop was Sandwich, IL to visit our dear friends Dennis and Donna Cave.  
Here we are at Dennis and Donna's.  Yeah we made it.
Dennis and John looking at the new Rand McNally RV GPS.

We arrived early enough to enjoy taking a walk with Dennis and Donna to the Sandwich Fair which is a large annual event and has food, rides and steam operated engines just to name a few.  Donna treated us to homemade lasagna and Italian sausage for dinner.  It was so tasty.  

The next morning Donna served some breakfast pizza before we hit the road.  It was yummy.  This is the breakfast pizza we had when we visited before.  John and I both love it.  We finally got around to saying "see ya later" and was preparing to leave when I remembered I hadn't gotten a picture of Dennis and Donna. 

Dennis and Donna.  Thank y'all so much for your hospitality.  We enjoyed the visit and hope to see you down the road, maybe in MS this year.

Ok, so now we were ready to pull out but the Suzuki wouldn't start.  Bummer!  The battery was dead.  It seems the key was left in the car overnight in the on position.  Dennis quickly jumped us off and before long we were on our way.  Thank you Dennis. 

John pulling out to hook the car up.

Our destination for today was Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin.  The trip was uneventful and we arrived around 5:00 p.m.  We are staying at the fair grounds campground.   This is the town that John wanted to stop and visit back in May when we were on our way to Tamarac and the F550 broke down before we got here.  We were able to stop and stay this time.   John has visited the other town/cities named "Ridgeland" as we travel.  There is a Ridgeland, WI 30 miles from here so we drove other tonight to get a picture and find something for dinner. 

This "Ridgeland" is a very small town.

As we drove around looking for a cafe or restaurant we noticed the town had plenty of bars (3) and that everything else looked closed for the night.  We stopped in at the Sportsmen's Bar and Grill.  There was only one other customer, a local guy, and the bartender/cook.  Very friendly and he sure cooked a great burger.  Of course John had on a Ridgeland Fire Department T-Shirt so the conversation was lively.   

We will be staying in Chippewa Falls again tomorrow and hope to rest up a little as well as organize some stuff in the RV.  Planning on meeting up with Jim and Dee (Tumbleweed) Wednesday for lunch.  It has been a little over 3 years since we have seen them.   

Laugh everyday.  Happy trails.  Stay safe. 


  1. I like your new MH. I hope you enjoy it.

  2. I hope you guys are back by this weekend. I'm fixing Spiedies for everybody on Saturday. I even bought some new potatoes, that I figured you could boil up for salt potatoes while I work the VC. ;)

    Ward and Pat pulled in last Saturday, so you'll be boondocking for a few days.

    Spiffy new digs you've got there!

  3. We had a great time seeing you two!! Thanks for taking the time to stop and visit! Sorry you missed the Cave-A-Palooza, but I have a feeling you wouldn't have gotten such a good night's sleep in our driveway with our crew partying on the deck!! Best of luck and safe travels with your new Monaco!

  4. Congratulations on your new MH! How does Fred like his new digs? :-))

  5. Thinking you are really going to like the motorhome lifestyle. . .

    As great as the fivers are (we loved ours too,) there's no explaining motorhome life. . .it needs to be experienced. . .of course we love your Monaco. . .hope you're as happy with yours as we are ours. . .and you have the slides on both sides. . .awesome!

  6. What a beautiful coach! We did the same thing a few years ago and never looked back. You will love the change.

  7. Congrats on the new RV! I am sure you will enjoy it. We are on our four motorhome and it is a great way to travel:)

  8. congrats on the new rig! You guys drove through (and spent the night!) in my old stompin' grounds. Whitestown was one of the towns I used to patrol when on the Sheriff's Dept. (it's a lot bigger now LOL)